100% Dextrose from Protein Buzz is a new highly effective sports supplement that was formulated using cutting-edge technology and with dextrose as main ingredient, which is a monosaccharide well-known and used in the fitness world for being a carbohydrate of rapid absorption that allows to raise efficiently the levels of glycogen and energy in the organism.

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100% Dextrose from Protein Buzz is a food supplement of the best quality that will help you quickly and reliably to get all the energy you need.

Protein Buzz has included a new dietary supplement based on dextrose in its wide range of products; a carbohydrate that acts as fuel and serves to provides the muscles and all parts of the body with energy.

It does so in a very safe and quick way, since being a type of healthy sugar, the body does not have to metabolize it and therefore it can be absorbed by the body immediately after consumption and fully exploited by the muscles, thus allowing the athletes to have an important plus of energy, regardless the level of their exercise routine.

This wonderful sports supplement has been designed based on dextrose, which is ideal to provide the muscles with an extra of energy in those moments where exhaustion takes over the body, but it is necessary to continue with the routine. It is for this reason that Protein Buzz brings to the market the new 100% Dextrose, the food supplement that besides being perfect to ensure the athlete a healthy boost of energy, is also vital for optimal brain and cell activity, since it has incredible regenerative powers that help in the rapid recovery of muscles and tendons and also facilitates the recovery of collagen, which is beneficial for the health of the ligaments.

The consumption of this wonderful food supplement not only is a great benefit for athletes who demand extra energy to boost their performance and endurance during exercise, but also brings great benefits to bodybuilders and fitness lovers, since its consumption allows the cells of the muscles to be prepared, so that they can take advantage of the greatest possible proportion of nutrients, causing the recovery and regeneration of the tissues to be carried out almost immediately after an exercise routine has been completed. All that is possible because dextrose is a simple carbohydrate that does not remain for long in the bloodstream, and when absorbed, it is stored in the muscles, in the form of muscle glycogen, and in the liver, in the form of hepatic glycogen.

Facts of 100% Dextrose from Protein Buzz

  • A simple carbohydrate that can be used quickly throughout the body.
  • Ideal to promote an adequate synthesis of proteins, and nutrients for rapid muscle recovery.
  • Has a delicious sweet taste that pleases the palate.
  • Helps in the replenishment of muscle and liver glycogen levels.
  • Transfers amino acids and proteins to muscle cells.
  • A great source of simple carbohydrates; perfect to build muscle mass and strength.

During the training session, our muscles use a lot of collagen, and right after completion, the body needs to replace the collagen used and quickly absorb the nutrients that the muscles need to achieve a quick recovery. It is precisely at that moment that you should consume 100% Dextrose from Protein Buzz, the food supplement that will help facilitate your muscle regeneration process.

Recommended use: as a food supplement, dissolve 40 g of 100% Dextrose from Protein Buzz in water or use as a sweetener for your favorite energy drink and take it before, or quickly after exercising.

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