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Beta Alanine - 500 g

Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz is the supplement you need to keep your strength for longer during a demanding workout. It fortifies your reserves of this nutrient and thus will also improve your performance and endurance capacity. It is a promoter of the natural production of carnosine, a vital element for your body to operate at its maximum power.

    Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz is the fuel that will take your body to unimagined levels. Annihilate fatigue and prolong your training!

    Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz is a powerful sports supplement that will do wonders to intensify your training. Although it is an essential amino acid, it has been proven that an abundant amount in the organism promotes the increase of energy and strength in an incomparable way.

    Beta Alanine is the starting point for the production of carnosine in the body, which is responsible for combating the effects of byproducts such as lactic acid, which is what brings the signs of physical exhaustion. Thanks to this, you will be able to experience an increase in endurance and performance when doing your exercise routine. This product increases the base of what you need to do better in the gym.

    Many aspects of your physical ability will be greatly improved by incorporating Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz. One of the most important is that it cushions the effects of fatigue in your muscles, which reduces the possibility of suffering cramps or that you have discomfort that interfere with your exercises. It also profoundly influences your chances of losing weight, because if you have more energy you will have a natural inclination to intensify your routine in the gym. Consequently, you will burn fats naturally. Moreover, you will experience an increase in your toning and muscle mass, because it will help you to do more repetitions, before any level of fatigue manifests.

    The consumption of Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz will help you in any activity you practice. It is excellent for increasing endurance during aerobic disciplines such as running, or to intensify the sequence of bodybuilding, CrossFit or weightlifting exercises. Its effect is so profound because it works directly on the skeletal muscles, thus promoting a greater capacity for work. You will not have any reason to fear fatigue because its effects always allow you to go the extra mile. It is a key element to get to the next level until you build the physique you want to enjoy. Do not wait any longer to add it to your daily diet.

    Facts of Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz

    • Combats the effects of fatigue.
    • Increase endurance.
    • Improves physical performance.
    • Helps achieve a better musculature.
    • Benefits the ability to lose weight.
    • Excellent for aerobic activities.
    • Ideal for bodybuilding.

    Beta Alanine from Protein Buzz will boost your levels of energy for an extended period of time. No matter what activity you practice, if you add it to your diet, you will reap big time. Moreover, it is vital to increase carnosine levels in the body and thus double your physical capacity during training. It is ideal for people who are sensitive to additives and those who prefer to make personalized supplement mixes.

    Recommended use: dissolve 2 g (half of the teaspoon included) in a glass of water, juice, milk or any liquid that you prefer. Take two doses a day, preferably one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Do not exceed the dose recommended.

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