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The fantastic 100% Premium Whey from ProCell is a sports supplement rich in proteins of great purity, designed to promote the regeneration and recovery of muscle tissue after training and in turn, help to combat catabolism, muscle mass loss and favor the protection, toning and definition of the musculature.

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    100% Premium Whey from ProCell, a nutritional compound for sports use that provides an advanced patented formula rich in proteins, ideal to favor an optimal muscle development in athletes and amateurs to the practice of physical disciplines.

    100% Premium Whey from ProCell is a fantastic nutritional supplement made from the combination of large components with a high protein value such as Lacprodan whey protein concentrate and Isolac whey isolate, both patented formulas are essential when favoring an adequate muscle development thanks to the large amount of high purity proteins that it adds to the nutritional plan of sportsmen and athletes. In addition, this extraordinary sports supplement also includes within its formula an unbeatable dose of enzymatic complex and probiotics that contribute to optimize the process of digestion and assimilation of proteins in the body.

    This extraordinary nutritional supplement based on high purity proteins promotes an adequate recovery of the muscles after performing intense exercise routines that lead to a high level of muscle wear and tear, and is even ideal to stimulate a greater and more effective regeneration of the muscle tissues damaged after training. The innovative protein formula of 100% Premium Whey from ProCell helps promote muscle growth and stimulates its protection, significantly reducing the risk of catabolism and preventing the loss of muscle mass. In addition, it contributes to achieving the desired definition and toning.

    100% Premium Whey from ProCell has a delicious flavor and a pleasant aroma. Additionally, this fantastic nutritional supplement is sweetened with Splenda so it can be used without worrying about ingesting unnecessary amounts of sugars and calories. On the other hand, its extraordinary formula is totally free of Aspartame, so it is favorable for the health of your body and in turn does not generate any kind of counterproductive effect.

    Facts of 100% Premium Whey from ProCell.

    • Prepared with Lacprodan whey protein concentrate and Isolac whey isolate.
    • Rich in amino acids.
    • Contains probiotics.
    • Improves the process of digestion and assimilation of proteins.
    • Contributes to optimal muscle development and growth.
    • Promotes muscle regeneration and recovery after training.
    • Combats catabolism and loss of muscle mass.
    • Helps tone muscles properly.
    • Low in calories and sweetened with Splenda.
    • Delicious flavor.

    100% Premium Whey from ProCell is the ideal nutritional ally for those who seek to promote their muscle development through the consumption of high purity proteins. Its extraordinary formula has been backed by numerous studies that guarantee its quality and effectiveness.

    Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement for athletes and sportsmen, it is recommended to add 50 grams of 100% Premium Whey from ProCell in 250 milliliters of water or skimmed milk and eat once or twice a day, one of them after training.

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