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It is a very effective protein, with amino acids that improve the performance of athletes due to its benefits and is able to promote muscle growth, so that you will not find a better one on the market. Made by ProCell, a brand that is well recognized in this market and guarantees the quality of the product.

    100% Whey Cell from ProCell: the supplement to improve your body and performance at your fingertips.

    Protein made from premium quality whey concentrate, the protein contained is patented by Cerbelac, a patent that is well known for its low lactose content, very good solubility and texture.

    A protein unmatched in the market thanks to its unique features, which only ProCell brand offers us with its products, also its low levels of lactose are make it an ideal protein for athletes wanting to gain muscle mass as well as extra energy support to improve the performance in high intensity routines. This product has Kyowa which is one of the best amino acids on the market and this helps the muscle recovery, muscle growth, increased endurance, improve the immune system. All these features make this protein the best option when looking for a supplement.

    In addition to the amino acids that this product contains, it has digestive enzymes such as Digezyme, which helps digestion, in this way a better absorption of the protein is obtained, in this way the product is better assimilated and results obtained faster. This product is sweetened with Splenda which provides a sweet flavor without adding calories, low levels of sugars and fats; This protein has three formats, namely, chocolate and hazelnuts, strawberries and vanilla.

    The company ProCell is one of the most recognized in the market, with one of the best and most dedicated teams when it comes to develop its products, subjecting its merchandise to strict quality controls with which the functionality and effectiveness of its products is ensured, For this reason, its merchandise is the best of the best. Making the brand the main choice of many, this company's mission and vision is to promote sports excellence by helping its users with its recognized supplements, nutritious foods, etc. It uses a large amount of patented raw material, which make its products unique and unmatched in the market. By being of the favorite brands of renowned coaches it is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve physically and even aesthetically.

    Facts of 100% Whey Cell from ProCell

    • Improves muscle recovery.
    • Stimulates muscle growth.
    • Boosts muscle power.
    • Improves endurance.
    • Increases performance.
    • Low level of lactose.

    This product is ideal for high-level athletes and fitness-related users, so there is no better option to use as a supplement than 100% Whey Cell, with which not only will you stay in good shape but also improve ... With ProCell you move forward!

    Recommended use: it is recommended to use it in proportions of 30 g of protein per 200 ml of water, or it can be combined with milk in the same proportion and in this way you can gain more muscle mass.

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