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Recovery Cell - 450g

Recovery Cell from ProCell is the ideal product for you to boost your energy levels, eliminate the fatigue sensation and nourish your muscles in the most effective form. It contains fructose, palatinose and maltodextrin, which are top-quality carbohydrates. In addition it is formulated with BCAAs, Glutamine and citrulline malate to provide you with greater energy and let your muscles grow.

    Recovery Cell from ProCell helps you to recover energy faster and better between sets.

    The extraordinary Recovery Cell is the most effective recuperator made by Procell. It is formulated with powerful carbohydrates such as fructose, palatinose and maltodextrin, that will provide you with all the energy you need so that your training produces better results. In addition, it contains BCAAs, which are amino acids that your body needs, glutamine, antioxidants, electrolytes and digestive enzymes that make Recovery Cell from ProCell the ideal supplement for helping you to train like the big ones.

    If it has happened to you that you want to continue a training but you feel that your body is beyond its limit, and if you want that your organism does not experience fatigue even before beginning the training then, Recovery Cell from ProCell is the ideal supplement for you. This effective recuperator has been formulated with three different carbohydrates that will fill you with pure energy for a long time, and will feed your muscles at the cellular level, with nutrients such as: fructose, palatinose and maltodextrin. Moreover, it contains the powerful BCAAs, which in addition to give you energy, also prevent the catabolic states and thus helping you to maintain the muscle mass that you have gained, and continue its development.

    Another important component of Recovery Cell is Glutamine, an amino acid that combines very well with the BCAAs to eliminate the decay sensation while it nourishes your muscles and your brain. Glutamine also helps you to maintain high levels of glycogen in your organism and preserve the protein in the muscles. Recovery Cell contains citrulline malate, which remarkably boosts the muscle performance by its well-known action to sweep way muscle fatigue. Also contains beta-alanine, which will help to let your muscle mass grow because it increases the amount of carnosine in the organism.

    The electrolytes and antioxidants are also present in the formula of Recovery Cell to help you restore the hydration of your body in the training session, and  combat the free radicals to maintain your body young. ProCell has also included enzymes that help the digestion to guarantee that your organism assimilates all the benefits of Recovery Cell in an effective and natural form.

    Facts of Recovery Cell from ProCell :

    • Contains highly effective carbohydrates: palatinose, fructose and maltodextrin.
    • Helps keep the energy levels high during the exercise routines.
    • Formulated with BCAAs and glutamine.
    • Has electrolytes that will help maintain the hydration of your organism.
    • You will be able to recover quickly after each exercise.

    Recovery Cell from ProCell is the ideal supplement for your nutrition because it allows you to boost your energy levels so that you execute your exercise routines at full power, by eliminating completely any sensation of fatigue while you feed your muscles. You can get enough of it.

    Recommended use: take 45 g of Recovery Cell 30 minutes after finishing your training, you can ingest it with juice or water. Ideal to boost your energy levels in the training, reduce the recovery time between each exercise,  promote muscle mass gains and nourish the muscles for longer.

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