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RecoCell Bar - 35g

The delicious RecoCell Bar from ProCell is the practical and rich food that you were expecting to nourish your muscles at any time and fill you with energy, to perform your training more efficiently. It is composed of various proteins and carbohydrates that will give you the ideal nutrient contribution. In addition, it contains creatine to gain and define your muscle mass.

    RecoCell Bar from ProCell, the best option to feed your muscles where you want and satisfy cravings as you deserve.

    The delicious RecoCell Bar from ProCell is made with diverse proteins and enriched with carbohydrates, to provide you with the necessary nutrition and to satisfy your hunger in any place, which will help you to maintain your rhythm of training with a lot of energy.

    ProCell, always thinking of how to support you to achieve the body you want and for which you work so much, has developed a delicious product to provide you with proteins to nourish your muscles and increase the muscle mass of your body, as well as giving you energy to perform all the exercises to the maximum, or any another activity that you have set out for the day. We are talking about the rich and nutritious product, RecoCell Bar, that Procell has formulated especially for you. This bar contains a high percentage of different proteins. It is also made with carbohydrates that give you all the energy you need to perform your workout without fatigue, helping you to feed your muscles.

    Each delicious RecoCell Bar of 35 grams you eat will be contributing to your body 180 Kcal, fats and saturated fats, carbohydrates, sugars, dietary fiber, proteins and salt. In addition, within the ingredients of this spectacular bar we find creatine which, as you know, is an essential component used worldwide for the building and maintenance of the muscle mass of our body. Moreover, it is an element used by athletes who seek to break their own limits by improving their training.

    For all this, RecoCell Bar from ProCell is the perfect food to eat before training or to satisfy your appetite during the day. You can take it wherever you want, be it the park, the gym, the school, the university or at work, due to its practicality and easy way of storing, it fits in a pocket! So you can satisfy your hunger and feel energized wherever you go and at any time.

    Facts of RecoCell Bar from ProCell:

    • Has a high protein content.
    • Contains creatine to maintain your muscle mass.
    • Contains carbohydrates to give you a lot of energy.
    • Matchless flavour.
    • Provides the necessary energy at the moment you need a new boost.
    • You can take it wherever you want because it is the perfect size to fit in a pocket.
    • Satisfies the hunger you can feel during the day.

    If you want to keep your muscles nourished and your energy up at all times, you have to eat the delicious Recocell Bar from ProCell because you will provide your body with the protein and carbohydrates necessary to carry out all the activities you propose during the day.

    Recommended use: as a supplement to a balanced diet. You can consume a RecoCell Bar before or after training. You can also swallow it to satisfy the appetite between meals.

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