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Reco Cell Premium - 450 g

Reco Cell Premium from ProCell is the supplement that allows you to recover faster and better from every training session while you feed your muscles with world renowned components such as Glutamine KYOWA and BCAAs AJINOMOTO. It also contains vitamins and minerals that help its faster assimilation by the organism.

    Reco Cell Premium from ProCell: nourish your muscles and help recover yourself like never before.

    Reco Cell Premium is a supplement made by ProCell that helps you recover from every training session in less time. It is formulated with Glutamine KYOWA and BCAAs AJINOMOTO which boost your energy while feeding your muscle mass. In addition, it has components that improves it assimilation by your muscles.

    When it comes to take an exercise routine, every athlete wants to gain time for the effort put in the training be more productive and have the best effects on your body. Therefore, ProCell has created Reco Cell Premium, a supplement that helps your body to have a better recovery in much less time after every exercise session, regardless of how hard and demanding it is. Reco Cell Premium from ProCell is ideal for nourishing your muscles because it is composed of Glutamine KYOWA and BCAAs AJINOMOTO, globally renowned for its great quality.

    One of the main functions of the Glutamine KYOWA contained in Reco Cell Premium from ProCell is to help in the creation and maintenance of muscle mass, as glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the composition of the muscles. It also helps to lower the cortisol levels in your body while avoiding the feeling of fatigue and tiredness by increasing your energy. Moreover, BCAAs combine very well with glutamine, helping to disappear the feeling of fatigue and keep your muscles fed because they prevent the breakdown of muscle proteins.

    Reco Cell Premium from ProCell contains phosphatidylserine which protects your muscles of possible aches, while helping your brain to keep an active and healthy state, also contains selenium and B vitamins which are antioxidants and help to the smooth operation of the organism, as well as mineral salts of zinc, boron and chrome.

    Facts of Reco Cell Premium from ProCell:

    • Remarkably reduces the muscle recovery time.
    • Contains Glutamine KYOWA and BCAAs AJINOMOTO.
    • Provides an easy assimilation at the level of muscle cells.
    • Prevents catabolic states.
    • Contains vitamins and minerals.
    • Helps keep the brain healthy and active.

    Accelerate time recovery of your body between sets of exercise while feeding your muscles and prevent catabolic states during the day is something essential in the life of any athlete. In order to help your body to do that and more, Reco Cell Premium from ProCell was created. Consume it to make your training increasingly effective and your muscles reach a higher level in strength, volume and definition.

    Recommended use: to boost the levels of energy, reduce recovery time and nourish the muscles. Take 20 grams a day dissolved in water or skimmed milk, 10 g before you go to sleep and 10 g after taking an exercise session.

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