Reco Cell from ProCell is an extraordinary nutritional supplement based on Kyowa's patented glutamine and BCAAs, this great sports supplement provides great benefits to the nutrition of athletes and sportsmen thanks to its powerful action that helps strengthen muscle growth, protect muscle fibers of possible catabolic effects.

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Reco Cell from ProCell, a great sports supplement able to intervene favorably in the process of muscle recovery thanks to its powerful advanced formula based on amino acids.

The fantastic Reco Cell from ProCell is made up of the extraordinary and highly effective patented formula of glutamine with the Kyowa seal, enriched with an important dose of BCAAs; a perfect combination of nutrients present in the same ideal formula to promote optimal muscle performance in athletes and sportsmen.

This excellent sports supplement rich in amino acids has a powerful muscle recovery action that helps regenerate muscle tissues damaged during training. The mixture of Reco Cell from ProCell not only stimulates muscle recovery quickly and effectively but also helps prevent the loss of muscle mass and provides muscles with a greater level of strength, helping to prevent possible muscle injuries during training.

The use of the recommended dose of the extraordinary supplement Reco Cell from ProCell before and after training is essential for muscle development because through its formula allows to supply your muscles an important dose of glutamine, an essential amino acid with abundant presence in muscle tissues, helping to replenish the lost amounts of this important amino acid and restore its proper levels after performing high intensity exercise routines that often generate considerable muscle wear and tear.

For its part, the non-essential BCAAs present in the nutritional formula of Reco Cell from ProCell stimulate the growth of your muscles, help to achieve a total recovery of the muscles in the shortest time possible and provide nitrogen to the muscle tissues, avoiding the risk of catabolism. This unbeatable nutritional supplement can be used by sportsmen and athletes as a daily supplement to their healthy and balanced diet thanks to their low content of added fats and sugars.

Facts of Reco Cell from ProCell.

  • Provides a powerful formula based on Kyowa's patented Glutamine and BCAA amino acids.
  • Ideal to supplement the nutritional routine of sportsmen and athletes.
  • Promotes physical and muscle development.
  • Stimulates an adequate recovery of your muscles.
  • Contributes to achieve the proper growth and definition of muscles.
  • Promotes the prevention of muscle loss.
  • Combats the effects of muscle catabolism.
  • Provides your diet with proteins.
  • Product with low fat content.
  • Formula sweetened with Splenda.

Reco Cell from ProCell is an extraordinary sports supplement that combines the fantastic nutritional benefits that amino acids provide to muscle development with a great dose of protein and carbohydrates.

Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement for athletes and sportsmen, it is recommended to mix 10 grams of Reco Cell from ProCell in water and drink twice a day, the first dose one hour before training and the second dose before going to bed.

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