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Period Cell Premium - 84 capsules

Period Cell from ProCell is an excellent food supplement designed by ProCell, which brings complete well-being to the menstrual cycle of active women and sportswomen, as it is composed of herbal extracts and nutrients, which help regain the menstrual balance, reduce swelling of their body, decreasing discomfort and avoiding fluid retention.

    Period Cell from ProCell offers complete well-being to the woman in her days, restoring a healthy menstrual balance and more relief.

    Period Cell from ProCell is a dietary supplement that is exclusively intended for sportswomen, for whom it is very important to improve the menstrual period.

    In that sense, Period Cell from ProCell is essentially composed of organic extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, which, collaborate to reduce swelling of the delicate body of women, and also regulate the menstrual period, and help recover from menstruation. Such components even stimulate the libido, and contribute to obtain a magnificent balance in the metabolism.

    This new and healthy supplement was fantastically made by the sports company ProCell, with the very exceptional function of providing full well-being to active women, such as sportswomen or athletes, especially in those uncomfortable days, characteristic of the menstrual period.

    In general, Period Cell from ProCell has been very well formulated with three groups of natural ingredients, which provide incredible advantages. To begin with, the first group contains herbal extracts, which help to recover very well from the menstrual period, in fact, they normalize the cycle, and of course, they help reduce the very annoying menstrual pains that arise in those days. On the other hand, Period Cell from ProCell also has very interesting qualities in terms of female sexual function, as it improves libido.

    In the second group of ingredients of this magnificent product, other extracts are included, and additionally, fatty acids, such as omega 3. These together, fulfill the wonderful function of completely reducing swelling from the woman's body, specifically, at the ovarian level, liquids accumulated, even at the joint level. Therefore, Period Cell from ProCell is very pleasant and effective to feel relieved, and finally, keep the retention of liquids at bay.

    Period Cell from ProCell contains other magnificent nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which contribute to a great metabolic function. In addition, in order to avoid going ravenous, which is very typical of the menstrual period, especially for sweets or sugary foods, this product has been enriched with the fantastic chromium picolinate, which generates a satiating effect.

    Undoubtedly, with Period Cell from ProCell is possible to forget about the irritating symptoms of the menstrual period, because it promotes absolute well-being, and a wonderful state of health in women, so they can enjoy their routine activities, be it work or sports practice.

    Facts of Period Cell from ProCell

    • Regulates the menstrual period, helping recover from menstruation.
    • Has anti-inflammatory effects, which provide relief from menstrual pains.
    • Avoids liquid retention.
    • Naturally stimulates libido.
    • Promotes an adequate metabolic balance.
    • Keeps the appetite at bay during the menstrual period.

    It is difficult to carry out a routine or a normal training in those menstruation days, however, with the magnificent support of Period Cell from ProCell, it is possible to cope with those days with total placidity, well-being and perfect relief.

    Recommended use: you should take 3 capsules a day, next to a glass of water.

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