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Omega Cell - 90 softgels

Omega 3 Cell from ProCell is a nutritional supplement designed to provide the organism with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary and essential for its proper operation. The omega 3 contains EPA and DHA, which are good fatty acids that help maintain the operation of the brain, heart and help maintain eyes healthy, etc.

    Omega 3 Cell from ProCell, the ideal to supplement the benefits of a balanced diet. Take care of your health with Omega 3 from Procell.

    ProCell, bring for you Omega 3 of the Cell range, in its format of ninety (90) soft capsules. It is a nutritional supplement that provides multiple benefits for people of all ages, since it contains Omega 3 and helps prevent many diseases. Omega 3 belongs to the group of essential fatty acids, which means that the body can not produce them by itself and must be brought to the body through the consumption of food, such as fish, certain vegetable oils and some nuts, especially walnuts

    It is vital to include sufficient amounts of Omega 3 in the diet, through natural sources, together with the consumption of this wonderful food supplement of the Cell range. Omega 3 Cell from ProCell is an amazing nutritional supplement that contains essential fatty acids, which provide multiple health benefits, since they contribute to the proper operation of the body, is beneficial for the heart; both to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disorders and for the treatment and recovery of its different pathologies, they also protect the genetic information of cells and delay its ageing, reduce blood coagulation, chronic inflammation of blood vessels, protect the ocular health and eyesight, etc.

    Omega 3 Cell from ProCell brings multiple and important positive effects for health; It acts against fatty liver, heart diseases and metabolic syndromes. It is essential in the diet of pregnant women because it favours a better development of the fetus. It is ideal to take care of the eyesight and also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, helps the restoration of the normal operation of the metabolism, besides strengthening the immune system, and so on.

    Facts of Omega 3 Cell from ProCell

    • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
    • Helps protect the cardiovascular and immune system.
    • Ideal for eyesight care.
    • Promotes the correct development of the retina.
    • Helps strengthen the bone system.
    • Promotes brain development.
    • Lowers blood pressure.
    • For vegetarians and athletes.

    Omega 3 Cell is the nutritional supplement that Procell designed especially for your health. Ideal for the care of your body, through the consumption of essential fatty acids that are essential for the proper operation of the bone, cardiovascular, immune and nervous system, also helps the reduction of possible inflammations, has great antioxidant potential and to top it off. It also has a powerful relaxing effect on the brain, improves mood and concentration.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take Omega 3 Cell from ProCell, three (3) times a day. One (1) soft capsule before each meal.

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