An ideal protein for recovery after a training session, perfect for adding to hyperproteic diets because it combines the protein isolated from whey and hydrolyzed whey protein. In addition it also uses sweeteners without carbohydrates for all those athletes and bodybuilders who only want products of the best quality.

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PREMIUM ISO Cell from Procell from Procell is formulated with isolated whey protein (Isolac) together with the hydrolyzed whey protein (Optipep) 85g of complete proteins, meaning that it provides all the amino acids necessary for the body including those that the body can not produce and is necessary to include them in our diet. To top it off, it has properties that help maintain and improve health, thus increasing the functions of the immune system and its maintenance, even stimulates the cardiovascular function.

Considered as the purest in the market, this protein provides a lot of benefits for all those who decide to start incorporating it into their daily diets such as athletes, bodybuilders and lovers of the fitness who know that protein is one of the essential supplements when it comes to achieve more and better performance in their workouts and that, together with a healthy diet, they will not only be able to look better but also feel better and better. In addition to this, it helps muscle gaining, a faster physical recovery after very demanding activities and also provides a lot of nutrients, that is why PREMIUM ISO Cell from Procell is an ideal protein.

This product made by Procell does not contain artificial colorings, and takes care of the quality of its flavor without adding extra sugars since it is sweetened with Splenda, to add a good flavor without adding carbohydrates and to keep this protein free of aspartame, a sweetener that contains an addictive neurotoxin able to affect the endocrine system, does not contain gluten, and is low in lactose making it tolerable for a much wider audience

This super protein has Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, essential to improve the absorption of protein and help recover from fatigue faster, in addition to containing a unique flavor and aroma to enjoy this drink while receiving all the benefits.

Facts of PREMIUM ISO Cell from Procell

  • Contributes to the gaining of muscle mass.
  • Does not contain colorings.
  • Sweetened with Splenda.
  • Helps a faster recovery.
  • Low in fat.
  • Contains Vitamin B6 and B12.

PREMIUM ISO Cell from Procell has the verification of sanitary processes and quality certificates that ensure its value as a safe product for consumption. For you who are looking to take care of your health! It is easy to dilute, easy to digest, has a nice flavor and helps you gain and protect your muscles, for those days in which you go beyond the limit of your body in each workout, combats fatigue and helps weight loss to achieve that figure you want faster.

Recommended use: take 30 grams diluted in 150ml or 250ml of water or milk.

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