The delicious Procell Cookies are an extraordinary highly nutritious supplement that provides the ideal protein level for your daily diet without leaving aside the pleasure of enjoying the exquisite taste of the cookie. The fantastic nutritional input provided by its formula helps boost the physical performance of athletes at the time of training.

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Cookies Procell, a delicious cereal-based food that provides an incredible protein value, ideal to achieve an adequate nutritional balance.

The fantastic Procell Cookies are an incredible nutritional supplement, ideal to provide your diet with an important protein value without leaving aside the delicious taste that its two great presentations offer; Black chocolate and apple with cinnamon and white chocolate.

This extraordinary snack has been made with oatmeal and wheat flour, ideal to supplement your balanced diet thanks to the incredible rich fiber input of this product. The incredible Procell Cookies are aimed especially at athletes and sportsmen because of its rich input of proteins, carbohydrates and other great nutrients that favor their correct physical development.

Procell Cookies have been specially designed to favor the nutritional plans aimed at stimulating the optimal physical performance of athletes and sportsmen because its extraordinary nutritional value contributes to improve their performance capacity during training. The right dose of carbohydrates and proteins of the best quality included in the formula of this great sports supplement help to promote the desired physical development, providing its incredible nutritional contribution to the growth of the muscles and in the same way, favoring the increase in energy, supplying the body with greater strength, endurance and counteracting the decrease in physical rhythm at the time of training caused by exhaustion and fatigue.

These wonderful cookies are perfect as a side dish for your breakfasts, snacks or those moments between meals throughout the day, providing your body with a large number of nutrients that contribute to the proper performance of your body, while enjoying its delicious flavor . Procell Cookies also contain a high content of egg and soy proteins, recommended to achieve the ideal balance of your diet.

Facts of Cookies Procell.

  • Made from oatmeal, wheat, egg and soy proteins.
  • Provide an extraordinary nutritional value, necessary to supplement an adequate balanced diet.
  • Ideal for athletes and sportsmen who seek to promote their physical performance.
  • Contributes to proper development and muscle growth.
  • Help boost body energy, providing greater strength, vitality and endurance during training.
  • Contribute to maintaining a correct performance during training and to combat exhaustion.
  • Offer two delicious presentations; Black chocolate and apple with cinnamon and white chocolate.

These extraordinary Procell Cookies provide a high content of high-value proteins and are also enriched with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, trace elements, iron, phosphorus and other nutrients that give the body its wonderful properties, essential to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Recommended use: as a nutritional supplement, the extraordinary Procell Cookies can be ingested at breakfast time or used as a snack between meals to enjoy its incredible nutritional value and exquisite flavor. Preferably consume one or two a day.

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