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CLA Cell (Tonalin) - 90 softgels

CLA Tonalin from ProCell is a supplement made up of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) enriched with tonalin, which contributes to the reduction of fat and therefore to weight loss, but at the same time, protects the muscle mass. It is ideal for any consumer, as it is a vegan product.

    Achieve your ideal weight, reducing only fat, that is, without losing muscle mass. Take CLA Tonalin from ProCell, a supplement you can trust!

    CLA Tonalin from ProCell is made from ingredients of vegetable origin, totally natural and of high purity. One of these components is Safflower oil, this plant is an important source of properties that provide multiple health benefits, since it contains a lot of vitamin E, making this product an excellent supplier of antioxidants, which are undoubtedly essential for the body. In addition to this, it helps to improve the immune system and the cardiovascular system, among other benefits in terms of health.

    CLA Tonalin from ProCell is the perfect supplement to reduce or lose weight, with the particularity that this incredible product only "attacks" the fat, that is, without affecting the muscle mass that the consumer may have. On the other hand, it helps to increase the possibilities of absorption of various nutrients that are consumed as part of a balanced diet or other supplements. In addition, it considerably increases the level of antibodies. Moreover, with each capsule, the ideal incorporation of CLA is guaranteed to reduce body volume, burning accumulated fat in the different parts of the body and at the same time contributes to gain muscle in a very effective way.

    CLA is the perfect ally for people who want to lose weight or control it once they have hit the size they want. It is recommended for adults, either male or female. In addition, this supplement accompanied by a good exercise routine or appropriate physical activity accelerates the results that are expected. In this same order of ideas, CLA Tonalin from ProCell contributes to enjoy a better quality of life, not only for its fat-burning power, it also helps in lowering high blood sugar, thus improving the overall health of the consumer.

    Facts of CLA Tonalin from ProCell 

    • Natural product.
    • Contributes to the reduction of fat.
    • Helps to obtain a balanced weight.
    • Preserves healthy muscle mass.
    • Helps attack the creation of free radicals.
    • Improves the absorption of nutrients.
    • Favors the immune and cardiovascular systems.
    • Ideal for vegetarians.
    • Recommended for healthy adults.

    Lose weight healthily, burn fat naturally and effectively; achieve your goals with CLA Tonalin from ProCell, the supplement that will help you to obtain the ideal weight. In the process, it will improve the growth of muscle mass and then it will contribute to its maintenance. Likewise, it provides the body with an important amount of antioxidants, which are essential for the body, also stimulates the absorption of nutrients, which makes CLA as one of the best products in this area.

    How to use: as a supplement, consume from 3 to 6 capsules a day between the main food sources. A 3-month treatment is recommended.

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