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Carbo Protein Premium - 3kg

Carbo Protein Cell from ProCell is a special protein for people who want to put on weight, its natural ingredients are specific to put on weight, it also provides energy. It is also recommended for athletes or people that practice physical activity constantly because of the energy it provides. You will see the results in a short time.

    Carbo Protein Cell from ProCell. Not all are for weight loss.

    Carbo Protein Cell from ProCell is a protein used solely and exclusively to put on weight, its use is especially indicated for people who want to gain muscle mass or simply want to put on weight. This product contains palatinose, a carbohydrate rich in sucrose that will be enough to increase body volume. With its daily consumption you will obtain the energy necessary for practicing exercises.

    ProCell has created a nutritional supplement based on carbohydrates and 100% natural proteins, contains carbohydrates such as oats, corn amylopectin and palatinose as well as proteins, vitamins, amino acids and enzymes that facilitate its assimilation and digestion. The excellent quality of the product is obvious within a few days after its consumption once.

    The proteins contained in this nutritional supplement are of high purity, which is why they contribute to a natural increase in muscle mass, improving energy efficiency and taking advantage of each one of its nutrients for the benefit of the organism. The purity of its raw material provides greater security and confidence to consume it because it gives the certainty that you will obtain the desired benefits. All this helps to a better state of health, better nutrition and physical training and the achievement of the goal.

    It has a high content of fiber that promotes detoxification, Procell was responsible for designing this product based on protein and with its intake it will be possible to reach the ideal weight according to your body size and helps to maintain it. Acquiring it is of vital importance if you have tried everything to put on weight and the results have not been the best. Experts in nutrition assure that there is no type of impediment for this treatment.

    Facts of Carbon Protein Cell 3 kg de Procell:

    • Helps put on weight naturally
    • It is an excellent carbohydrate that inputs a high energy value
    • Provides long-lasting energy
    • Produces muscle mass gains
    • Helps recover lost glycogen during training
    • Very easy to digest
    • Low in fat
    • Very easy to assimilate
    • Very easy absorption

    All the benefits you get in a single product, easy to administer and of excellent absorption, low in fat and free of calories. It is a long-lasting energy source that maintains a good energy supply for many hours of training, so it is not only ideal for those who want to lift weights but also for athletes.

    Recommended use: it is recommended before or after physical activity, or alternatively you can drink a glass of water with a spoonful of Carbo Protein Cell diluted before breakfast. Excellent product that can also be consumed by people who are on vegetarian or vegan diets.

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