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AAKG Cell - 120 capsules

The arginine offered in AAKG Cell from ProCell boosts strength and stimulates vasodilatation, which means, better absorption of oxygen and nutrients. This product is a supplement that improves your performance in training, being able to improve your endurance, improve your strength, reduce fatigue and give you even more energy so you do not stop your training before it is finished.

    AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell: Power and greater vasodilatation!

    AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell is a supplement based on arginine that will provide you with that extra power you need so much, as it improves the oxygenation and also is developed by ProCell, a brand that only designs quality products for dedicated athletes, like you.

    The combination of the amino acid L-arginine with a molecule of alpha ketoglutarate forms what you know and call as arginine alpha-ketoglutarate or also called arginine AAKG. The main advantages of its consumption are that it provides a powerful vasodilatation and improves your strength, in addition to improve your cardiovascular strength and your muscle endurance. It improves your muscle recovery, so you won't have to suffer the effects of fatigue. You can train in a continuous way with greater strength and performance than before due to the extra energy and strength that ProCell offers you in AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg).

    It also plays an important role at the time of increasing the metabolization of amino acids, in particular, glutamine. That's why, with AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell you get more resistant to fatigue. Arginine is an amino acid that improves the circulation because within our body it converts into nitric oxide, a neurotransmitter that brings relaxation to blood vessels and improves the circulation. By consuming AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell, your strength will be increased and in turn your endurance in the training too. You will have more stamina to keep training and do the physical activity your body needs and you will also have enough arginine to help you improve your body every day.

    Arginine is a vital element in the creation of creatine. It can reduce fat in order to improve the circulatory system, as well as reducing body fat and allow a more effective recovery, due to its effects that reduce ammonia (muscle residue resulting from anaerobic exercise) from the muscles.

    Catabolism is produced in the moments of intense exercise, when the organism exhausts its energy reserves and begins to consume energy from proteins, destroying muscle mass. By consuming AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell, your energy reserves get replenished from fat in order to prevent the occurrence of the dreadful catabolism, fatigue gets reduced and the protein process improved, even with all that, thanks to its reduction of fatigue, your endurance will be increased sharply. Which directly impacts your physical performance, making you stronger and more endurant, thus promoting better results.

    Facts de AAKG Cell de Procell®:

    • Contributes to vasodilatation, increasing the flow of oxygen to the muscles and tissues.
    • Reduces fatigue.
    • Promotes protein synthesis.
    • Increases endurance.
    • Boosts strength.
    • Increases the cardiovascular capacity.
    • Reduces muscle fatigue.

    AAKG Cell (Arginine 1000 mg) from ProCell is your best option, obtain more strength, be more endurant and do better with this supplement designed especially for you. Power and strength at your service!

    Recommended use: take a dose of 4 capsules before training.

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