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50/50 Premium Fusion - 2 kg

50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell is a perfect balance between the requirements of protein and energy demanded by many athletes, as it brings not only the amino acids involved of in the growth of muscle mass, but also a lot of carbohydrates in a perfectly proportional amount and ensuring the vitality of its consumers.

    50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell: Energy and Strength in Perfect Balance.

    This great formula is a compound consisting in a balanced interaction of a group of synthesized proteins and an appropriate source of carbohydrates that give energy to the human body. This product can be consumed by athletes that due to some rest they have lost a considerable amount of muscle mass. It is also suitable for those sportsmen who are starting to train and want to get an important performance in the shortest time possible.

    The development of this supplement consists in filtering 5 types of protein that contain a series of essential amino acids, which contribute greatly to the development of muscles. One of the proteins that make up this incredible food is egg albumin (water-soluble protein found in blood and egg-whites), certainly, one of the most used and suitable for sports performance, since its range of action in the body is quite considerable. Egg albumin is gradually absorbed, which makes the organism to absorb and process it in a correct and prolonged way.

    Among the other proteins that make up 50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell are the one extracted from whey, which, in contrast, is quickly absorbed. This property implies that the product is ideal to be consumed just after physical exercise, ensuring its immediate and really effective absorption. An aspect that stands out of in this sports supplement is undoubtedly that 50% of its composition is energy, as it is an added value highly appreciated for athletes and bodybuilders want to contribute amino acids and carbohydrates and contribute to their body with one drink.

    Facts of 50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell

    • Represents a source of protein ideal for muscle development.
    • Combines in a very well balanced way the contribution of amino acids with a suitable load of energy.
    • Contains 5 types of protein with balanced features as for absorption and nutrient contributions.
    • Its formula has probiotic elements that ensure your correct digestion.
    • Suitable for high performance athletes that require a lot of nutrients that contribute to their performance.
    • Its composition is recommended for people who are making its way for the first time in demanding physical activities.
    • The absorption of its proteins is boosted with a load of vitamin B12.

    Many athletes, bodybuilders and high performance sportsmen are always seeking a product that can meet their needs in terms of energy, protein and vitamin requirements, which are fundamental for the best sports performance. 50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell is the option recommended for cases in which many people require results fast in the healthiest form possible. You must acquire 50/50 Premium Fusion from ProCell to start to notice favorable changes in your muscles and efficiency.

    Recommended use: this product contains a dispenser which we should fill to reach 30 grams of powder, then mix with a glass milk, juice or any our natural drink of your preference and consume just after a session in a gym or training. It is advisable accompany the ingestion of this product with a disciplined exercise routine.

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