ProCell is a brand of sports supplements founded in 2015, consisting of experts and pharmacists seeking the development and maximum performance of its consumers. Every product is tested by elite athletes of different disciplines to check its effectiveness. ProCell has a great production capacity, quality control and excellent feedback.


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ProCell: modern and capable!

ProCell was founded in 2015, exactly in June. It is the result of the union of expert partners in the field of sports nutrition, a mix that has formed one of the best sports products companies. It has quality products, designed by experts who are interested in performance.

ProCell is formed by experts in sports supplements, experts with years of experience, which has helped them to fully understand the needs of their clients, the end consumer. Their extensive knowledge even makes them capable of developing products for those who will be sportsmen in the future. ProCell always thinking down to the last detail of every supplement because your success is its success.

Its capacity:

ProCell has a huge capacity to please all types of consumers and those interested in the practice of sports. Its products are perfect for those involved in daily sports activity, gymnasts, cyclists or any type of athlete. Thus being able to meet the needs of all people interested in getting the body they want or radically improve their physical performance. ProCell promises never to disappoint you with its products, and that is why, it has partnered with great brands to achieve a greater number of recipients of its quality work.

It is due to the interest that ProCell has in delivery that before launching any product, it is not only tested in its world-class laboratories, but also tested in real life by specialized elite athletes, that in order to study its effects and confirm the effectiveness of its objectives. ProCell does not hesitate to change the formula of its supplements if the results are not what it is expected. This is due to the great care it gives to its consumers and products, that is, testing its products on roads, races, gyms or under any conditions that validate their effectiveness.

Manufacturing and production of quality products:

ProCell has automatic and semiautomatic production machinery to produce the necessary amount of supplements and reach a vast number of consumers interested in the quality products that it has to offer. With propeller mixers, encapsulation lines, and one in V shape with a capacity of up to sixty (60) liters.

ProCell can produce capsules of format 0, 00 and 000. What makes possible an annual production of two hundred (200) million capsules. Being able to deliver a minimum lot of ten thousand (10,000) capsules. In addition, its factory also has a compressor of the eccentric type.

ProCell has production lines for envelopes, filling of liquids, automatic lines of packaging with different formats and cuts. In addition to all this, ProCell also offers a manufacturing department to third parties, designed by a group of experienced pharmacists with a lot of experience in the nutrition sector. All that makes possible carrying out the manufacture of food supplements, dietary supplements and foods for better performance.

ProCell is a brand that seeks the development and the best performance for its consumers, creating product lines for all types of people and athletes specialized in specific disciplines. ProCell = a quality brand = quality products.