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Single use pack physique kit - Pro Tan

Pro Tan Physique Competition Kit is a special kit for professional bodybuilding, fitness, bikini competitors, among others; It helps to prepare your skin, that is to say, products adhere easily, getting a deep, dark and long lasting tan, and it also helps to have a better definition; It is recommended for women and men.

    Get a wonderful tone and at the same time, take care of your skin with Pro Tan's Mens Physique Competition Kit, the best kit for elite competitors.

    Pro Tan Mens Physique Competition Kit with professional products that help you to achieve a deep and long-lasting tan, since the skin is well prepared to obtain a better color adhesion; It is perfect for athletes and / or bodybuilding or fitness athletes who require an adequate skin tone to show a better body and highlight every muscle. This wonderful kit consists of self tanners, an ultra light oil that helps brighten your skin, a highly powerful scrub, among others, that have been made with high quality natural ingredientes that contribute to a perfect, clean and professional tan .

    Pro Tan Mens Physique Competition Kit is a kit consisting of four easy-to-handle containers, Overnight Competition Colour, Instant Physique Bronze, Show Shine and Get Buffed that help exfoliate and prepare the skin, keeping it healthy and perfect, ensuring a greater absorption of the colour in order to have a better tone and also, it has a pleasant texture and very easy to apply.

    This spectacular kit contributes to your physical looking, helping to achieve a high quality tan avoiding exposing your skin to too much sun or UV rays; the scrub helps you to prepare your skin, the pH balancing and leaving it soft, fresh and clean; In this way, Pro Tan Mens Physique Competition Kit contributes to bodybuilding, fitness, bikini or other sports disciplines where skin tone plays a fundamental and essential role in order to show a perfect body, with defined musculature, eliminating blind spots created by light; in addition, it dries quickly and it is long-lasting.

    Pro Tan Mens Physique Competition Kit characteristics

    • Self Tanning Products
    • It has high quality natural ingredients
    • It helps you to prepare your skin for a better colour adhesion
    • It contributes to your physical looking
    • It helps you to have a perfect deep tan
    • It leaves a clean and natural result
    • It is perfect for all skin typescompetitors
    • Recommended use for professional competitors

    Pro Tan Phys Mens Competition Kit is good for anyone who wants or needs to get a great tan; It is recommended for athletes and / or professional athletes who need a tanned skin tone, as is the case of bodybuilders, making their figure look more athletic and defined; It is important to mention that it does not exclude people outside the sports environment and that they also want to show off a spectacular skin tone.

    Recommended use: To have a perfect deep tan, use Show Shine daily and Get Buffed as an exfoliator; then, apply Overnight Competition Color the night before the competition and after a shower, apply Instant Physique Bronze 30 minutes before the competition on your body with a Tanning Puff, until all the skin is covered; Apply again for an intense colour.

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