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Bodybuilding Kit (Single Use) - Pro Tan

Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan contains "Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color", "Pro Tan Instant Body Builder Bronze", "Show Shine Maximun Definition" and "Get Buffed Exfoliating Cream". The combination of these products allows to achieve an excellent tan.

    Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan

    Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan is excellent for those who wish to dedicate themselves to this discipline with optimum results. It contains a total of four products intended for bodybuilders to have the best performance possible in each of their competitions.

    The kit includes: "Pro Tan Overnight Competition Color", "Pro Tan Instant Body Builder Bronze", "Show Shine Maximun Definition" and "Get Buffed Exfoliating Cream". This set of products allows to obtain excellent benefits, being ideal to prepare the best possible the body of a bodybuilder who is going to stand out while posing in a competition. Remember that bodybuilders must not only train hard and consistently, but also have an excellent presence in front of the jury that evaluates them. The idea is to get the best look, through a correct presentation of muscle groups. All these benefits are obtained thanks to Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan, which is 100% recommended for those who wish to compete at the highest level in the bodybuilding. In addition, it is value for money and is one of the most complete kits on the market.

    The various components of this product are of high quality and fulfill a wide range of functions. The "Pro Tan overnight competition color" is a tanning lotion that leaves a copper color on the skin, ideal for a competition. It is recommended to use this product in combination with the "Pro Tan Instant Body Builder Bronze" to have excellent results on the skin and look impressive. For its part, the "Show Shine Maximun Definition" allows better shine and chiaroscuro under the lights of the stage, so that the muscle groups are better noticed and with greater volume. Finally, it happens that "Get Buffed Exfoliating Cream" allows to remove the suntan lotion applied to the skin. In this way, it is achieved that once the competition is finished the bodybuilder can cleanse and remove the product.

    Facts of Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan

    • Products with 100% natural ingredients
    • Allows to have a perfect tan for the show
    • Helps to bring the musculature out
    • Allows to have a copper tan of high quality
    • Makes the shine and chiaroscuro of the muscles accentuated
    • Contains an exfoliating cream to achieve a cleansing of the epidermis
    • Easy to apply
    • No side effects on the skin

    Thanks to this kit, every bodybuilder can have excellent results in the competitions in which he participates. It achieves an impressive tan, allows to accentuate the shades and chiaroscuro that make the muscles look bigger and after the competition is finished, the bodybuilder can clean the tan without side effects.

    Recommended Use: use this kit just before the competition. First, apply the "Pro Tan overnight competition color". On this application use the "Pro Tan Instant Body Builder Bronze". Then, it is necessary to use the "Show Shine Maximun Definition" in those areas where the athlete wants to show better the musculature. Finally, use the "Get Buffed Exfoliating Cream" to clean or keep the skin in good condition.

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