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Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) - Pro Tan

Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) from Muscle UP is a versatile pair of gloves indicated to be used for applying self-tanning products, especially those required in competitions or shows of bodybuilding and fitness. The pack includes two (2) gloves: one very functional as an applicator for use before the competition, and the other is an exfoliator to clean the skin.

    Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) from Muscle UP: the perfect pair of gloves, one to apply your favorite product in order to get the ideal tan and thus stand out, and the other for a deep cleaning of your skin after the competition is over.

    Pro Tan is a recognized brand, specialized in producing tanning dyes for competition. This time it has brought to the market an excellent complement for its tanning products, Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) from Muscle UP: a set of two (2) gloves made with high-quality materials, and without doubt are an important duo for achieving the skin tone you want and need to have in your competition kit, and thus be able to give yourself the best self-tanning of your life, with which you will achieve great looks in competitions.

    Each glove is specially designed for the fulfillment of a specific function: one is ideal for the application of your tanning product, and can also be used with your product for self-tanning in spray, and the other glove is indicated to remove it and leave the skin clean after the competition, acting as an exfoliator, removing impurities present in the skin, thus leaving it in optimal conditions for a next application of your favorite self-tanning product.

    If you are a lover of bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast and you need to find tools that helps you get a perfect tan on your skin in order to show everything you got, in a competition or show, then, stop looking, Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) from Muscle UP is just what you need. With these wonderful gloves you can get a uniform tanning of your skin, covering very well every inch of your body, and after the competition or show has finished, you will be able to remove all the product and the impurities and residues that remain on the skin, in a very easy way, and without suffering harm or irritations.

    Facts of Pack Tan Mitts (Applicator & Exfoliator) from Muscle UP

    • The pack contains two gloves: one for application and the other for exfoliation.
    • The gloves are very resistant and can be washed to remove traces of dirt, and then hang to dry.
    • The texture of the applicator glove is very smooth, which allows a uniform application of the product without leaving blank spaces.
    • The applicator glove is useful for the application of mousses, or to spread, if your self-tanner is in cream or spray format.
    • The exfoliator glove is ideal for removing any product applied to the skin, and it also acts as a restorer, eliminating dead cells.
    • Each glove has been made with natural fiber that does not cause skin irritations.
    • Both gloves can be used on both hands.

    With the wonderful applicator glove you can get the best finish in the application of your favorite self-tanner, as it was made with a kind of foam rubber with a smooth texture that will not leave marks on your skin and that will also protect your hands so as not to leave unwanted stains. On the other hand, the exfoliator glove is made of natural fiber and its texture allows the removal of any residue or impurity, leaving your skin ready to look wonderful in your next competition.

    Recommended use:

    The applicator glove: insert your hand into the glove and add a small amount of your self-tanner to the part made in brown foam and apply on the body doing circular massages.

    The exfoliator glove: put it on a hand to remove the product applied on the skin. First, get it damp, then introduce a hand and make firm movements in a vertical direction, upwards, until you see no trace of product.

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