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Kit Mens Physique from Pro Tan is an excellent product, which will help you achieve the physical appearance you have always wanted. Give your body the pigmentation you like. A tan that will make you look more attractive in every sport activity.

    Specialized Kit for the training of Mens Physique, ideal to achieve the physical appearance desired for this discipline.

    Specialized kit for the training from Mens Physique, ideal to achieve the physical appearance desired for this discipline. This fantastic kit, is composed of five products, ideal for the preparation of athletes. The first of these products is Get Buffed, a gel of topical use with exfoliating qualities, perfect for cleaning and purifying your skin, and preparing it to achieve a suitable tan. This product is developed with natural ingredients rich in vitamins that allow to maintain an adequate level of PH in the skin and contributes to obtain better results in the effect of tanning, protecting your skin of the solar rays. On the other hand, the Hair Away is a cream designed to facilitate the process of hair removal in the required areas, guaranteeing greater effectiveness in the process and leaving your skin soft and moisturizing.

    Another product that integrates this extraordinary Kit is Overnight Competition Color, an excellent body dye in charge of providing your body with the ideal pigmentation your skin needs when facing competitions and physical exhibitions, this specialized formula provides the perfect coloration of tan for a period of 5 to 7 days without worrying about side effects or marks on the skin. For its part, the Instant Physique Bronze Mousse is an ideal tanning foam to give the final touches to your skin before going out to competition, it can be applied minutes prior thanks to its ability to quickly dry, leaving an incredible end result. Finally, the Show Shine is an oil of topical application used to highlight the definition of muscle in the body, thus achieving a perfect visualization of the physical state that the athlete has in competition, thus ensuring the best results are obtained within the race.

    Facts of Kit Mens Physique from Pro Tan

    • All the products that you need to achieve the desired physical appearance when competing, contained in a practical Kit.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes specialized in Fitness training.
    • Each product that integrates this set has been developed with natural ingredients ideal for the protection of your skin without any contraindication.
    • These products have the highest quality, which guarantees the best results with its use.
    • These do not contain toxic components or high chemical content, harmful to the skin.

    Kit Mens Physique from Pro Tan is a set of aesthetic products, designed and developed for use in athletes dedicated to competition in the different disciplines that integrate the world of "Fitness" allowing them to achieve the perfect physical appearance necessary to ensure success in this class of skills. Experts in training recommend their athletes to use these products because of the high quality they offer, thanks to their production under the highest international standards and its natural components that do not harm the health of the skin.

    Recommended use: Thanks to its components of natural origin, the use of the products that integrate the Kit Mens Phisique do not have any type of contraindication that limits its application. It is recommended to apply the products on the skin previously washed.

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