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Cheerleader Bronze - 237 ml

Do not suffer from more worries, get rid of all the stress that may be overwhelming your body. The product that you had been waiting to save you in all the presentations of competitions, public events as a bodybuilder, cheerleader and even as a dancer. Now it will be much simpler to give color and life to your skin, looking smooth and shiny without much effort with Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan, an ideal product to get a spectacular tan.

    With Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan, it will be much easier to have a charming and captivating skin.

    If from time to time you feel your skin very pale and without any shine, you should keep in mind the main product that can solve that problem in a matter of minutes: Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan.

    Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan is perfect to give us skin color as well as life, looking shiny and charming, now you can captivate every person who passes by your side, also on a catwalk where you can look spectacular. It is a product that has great versatility in its use since it can be used even for dance presentations or if you are a singer and want to look radiant on the stage. Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan is the right one to achieve it. Its properties guarantee an effective and instant tan with a beautiful dark color and a little golden. Having a wonderful durability on our skin as if it were a tan got under the sun of the beach, but without spending all that time. Do not worry about postponing your beautiful tan, since it will not take long to use. One of the best things about Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan is that it will not fade due to the use of skin or constant sweating, it will stay unaltered on your skin thanks to its high quality.

    With Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan, you will be able to show off a beautiful natural tan, highlighting even more your physique in competitions, especially, when wearing a bikini, it is your moment to captivate the judges and be a complete diva. Your skin under the reflectors will not look opaque or yellow, on the contrary, you will be the center of attention. Bring your body to life in a matter of minutes. Also for all those people who will appear public events and do not want to show pallor on their skin, with Cheerleader Bronze by Pro Tan you will guarantee the security you need in the eyes of people.

    Facts of Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan:

    • Gives your skin a dark shade in seconds.
    • Does not stain clothes.
    • Does not irritate the skin.
    • Fast-drying.
    • Waterproof.
    • Its effect lasts from 5 to 7 days.
    • Does not leave patches or spots on the skin.
    • Looks like a totally natural tan.
    • Ideal for presentations in public.
    • Brings out your physique in the blink of an eye. 

    When you want to have a darker skin shade, and full of vitality, you just need to apply Cheerleader Bronze from Pro Tan, a product designed so that you can have a more beautiful and fresher skin, especially when you have to perform at public events and do not want to show a very white, dull and opaque skin. Surprise everyone with a very striking skin and a more attractive shade. What are you waiting for? Get it now and let everyone speechless with your tan!

    Recommended use: Apply on previously exfoliated skin and hydrate the areas of the knees, feet, elbows and ankles. Do it in a ventilated area and apply the product evenly with circular movements, so that the product is properly distributed throughout the body. It is advisable to wash your hands with enough water and soap to remove the remaining product. Let it dry for at least 10-15 minutes before putting on clothing.

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