Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan Muscle UP is your ideal ally for bodybuilding events or sports activities. Look the best tan you've ever imagined, without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. It includes all natural products.
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Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan - Muscle UP. All you need to look the best tan in each competition in a single kit.

Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan - Muscle UP contains a great range of excellent special products for each training and / or presentation you should undertake in your career. You can show off a perfect tan whenever you want, quickly and reliably, without having to go to the beach or expose yourself to the harmful rays of the sun. It shows all your muscles, it can impact with the excellent definition that can be observed in each and every one of your muscles when using the products of this wonderful kit that every bodybuilder should have.

Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan - Muscle UP is a perfect ally for bodybuilders or people who are fond of and preoccupied with the appearance of their body. When you purchase this wonderful kit you will be able to count on: a Get Buffed Exfoliating Cream, a Pro Tan Competition Base, a Body Builder Bronze, a SHOW SHINE Pro Tan and a Hot Stuff Vasodilator. You will be able to exfoliate your skin, so that it is much smoother when applying the tanning base for competitions. In this way you can ensure that the tints to give the tone of the tan, adhere better to your skin and act faster.

Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan - Muscle UP will give you the best tanning appearance, without the need to expose yourself to UV rays. You will wax an enviable tan instantly, 100% natural, because these products, despite giving you an artificial tan, continue to maintain their naturalness, because they are made with totally natural ingredients, so you do not suffer damage to your skin or symptoms of side effects

Facts of Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan  -  Muscle UP

  • Contains products made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Provides an instant tan to your skin.
  • Highlight your musculature.
  • Marks and defines perfectly muscle.
  • The Kit contains 6 wonderful products that complement each other, from the exfoliation to obtaining the enhancement of your tan body.
  • Ideal for bodybuilders or people struggling for a striking body, with a definition of muscles to the maximum.
  • Being completely natural it does not cause side effects or damage to your skin.
  • Ideal to be used before each workout, bodybuilding event or sports presentation

Bodybuilding Kit from Pro Tan - Muscle UP is your best ally in every presentation or event of bodybuilding. It shows all your muscles and highlights how much you have worked on it, with this wonderful kit that will allow you to have a perfect natural tan appearance, without exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. If you do not have time to go to the beach, you do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive tanning machine treatments, this kit is your best option.

Recommended use: As an accessory for bodybuilders, to obtain a perfect tan, use each product in the order indicated in the package, from the exfoliant, base for tanning, until you reach the desired tan.

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En moneda mexicana 2018-06-13 06:20:02 El precio en moneda mexicana y el tipo de envio
Joel 2018-06-13 10:07:34
Buenos dias , solo hacemos envios a Europa.gracias un saludo
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