Wrinkle filler - 15ml

Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural offers benefits that hide the aging of the skin. Due to its moisturizing and effective formula, it completely covers wrinkles and lines of expression instantly, while giving the natural shine to the female skin.

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Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural, totally natural anti-aging substance.

Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural is a cosmetic product created in order to fully and immediately cover the lines of expression, wrinkles and other signs of aging of the skin, especially before makeup.

This is a rejuvenating substance ideal for any type of skin, from dry to greasy. Thanks to its advanced formula, this substance will help any woman who wishes to regain firm and youthful skin without the need to undergo dangerous and painful cosmetic surgeries whose recovery time is quite long. Forget the Botox and the Scalpel, with this Wrinkle Filler you'll take off the weight the years in a few minutes.

The real source of youth is the care of the skin. While it is true that we can not avoid getting old, it is not necessary for our face to show the signs of our age as it advances, since there are already products dedicated to disguise them. Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural has an advanced last generation formula specially designed to cover wrinkles, lines of expression and other signs of aging. This substance is ideal to quickly hide all the imperfections of our skin, especially before applying the makeup on our faces. This substance saves us the terrible process of going through plastic surgery or injecting harmful substances into our skin. If you are looking for an effective and immediate solution to completely block out the signs of your age, then Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural is the product you were looking for. This product will become your own Holy Grail for your facial care routine and the first product you use before makeup.

Facts of Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural

  • Immediately covers the wrinkles, hiding perfectly the signs of age.
  • Its formula has moisturizing benefits, making the skin look even more rejuvenated, fresh and healthy.
  • Ideal to be used before the make-up, as it helps to obtain a better finish.
  • Works as a filter for the lines of expression, giving a more youthful appearance to the skin.
  • Long-lasting product, so its effect is noticeable throughout the day.
  • Suitable for any skin type.

Wrinkle Filler from Prisma Natural is used after a moisturizing cream. Then, you should wait about 5 minutes to start makeup.

Recommended use: apply after the hydrating cream or moisturizer, giving delicate patterns to the face with the tips of the fingers. Allow the skin to absorb the product for 5 minutes before makeup.

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