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Tryptophan - 60 caps

Tryptophan from Prisma Natural is a product that provides the body with an essential amino acid that regulates appetite and improve brain functions, all in a safe and healthy way, and is a perfect product for those people who want to lose weight in a healthy way without undergoing extreme diets.

    Tryptophan from Prisma Natural has elements that act by causing the person to decrease the anxiety that can be caused by the daily routine.

    Tryptophan from Prisma Natural gives the body an essential amino acid that allows to regulate the appetite, avoiding to ingest food in a compulsive way and thus achieving in this way to maintain the desired weight, in addition, creates substances like the serotonina that help to the cerebral functions and the reduction of the appetite.

    The amino acid with the name Tryptophan is a very effective nutritional supplement to lose weight in a natural, healthy and controlled way, since its main function is to create a sensation of satiety to the person, gradually decreasing the amount of food to eat to feel satisfied, achieving an effective and progressive reduction of body weight as well as a significant improvement in basic brain functions such as sleep, sleep times and overall mood thanks to serotonin, making it ideal for all those people who want to lose weight without having to make such drastic changes in their daily diet.

    Tryptophan from Prisma Natural is an essential amino acid that allows to lose weight in a natural and healthy way thanks to its direct effect on the basic metabolic functions of the organism, its main benefit is the capacity to generate a feeling of satiety and suppression of the appetite almost immediately, which is ideal for strict diets where you must reduce considerably the amounts of food to be eaten or to keep under control the anxiety that is generated at the end of some exercise routine, its effects are not only limited to the suppression of appetite, but also help to greatly improve the general mood of the person, as well as to sharpen a series of mental processes such as concentration and rest, as well as to decrease stress levels, all this in a natural and completely safe way since Tryptophan from Prisma Natural does not contain chemical additives of any type, besides stimulating the natural production of serotonin in the body.

    Facts of Tryptophan from Prisma Natural

    • Decreases anxiety.
    • Controls appetite.
    • Accelerates the metabolism.
    • Stimulates weight loss.
    • Decreases stress levels.
    • Stimulates mental concentration.

    Tryptophan from Prisma Natural is a product that must be in all cupboards and does not generate any kind of side effect, is the ideal option for those who seek to lower or maintain their weight in a natural and healthy way without the need for improvised and unsafe diets, in addition, this product will help you achieve your ideal weight in a short time.

    Recommended Use: One tablet before each main meal.

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