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Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 - 50ml

Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 of 50 ml designed by Prisma Natural is a lightweight, water resistant gel that leaves a matte and velvety effect while protecting the skin from UVB and UVA rays to delay premature cellular aging. It can be used as a pre-base and is recommended for all skin types.

    Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 prevents premature cellular aging.

    Every day our skin is exposed to the sun's rays, even on cloudy days. For this reason it is important to protect it daily and the best way to do it is applying on the face a thin layer of Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 from Prisma Natural. Its gel presentation has a light water-resistant texture that leaves a matte effect and protects the skin from UVB and UVA rays by delaying premature aging. It contains natural ingredients such as vitamin C and rosemary essential oil. Its use is recommended for all types of skins.

    One of the main components of the effective Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 from Prisma Natural is the Lipochorman. This ingredient works as a high-powered antioxidant that protects cells from the effect of free radicals and damage to the DNA, preventing premature aging of the skin. It also contains photo-stable UVB / UVA sunscreens designed to protect the skin from the effects of rays by preventing the radiation from the sun from affecting the chemical structure of the sun blocker.

    Prisma Natural is characterized by using ingredients that come from nature to formulate its products of such high quality. Rosemary oil was used in this opportunity for its moisturizing, antiseptic virtues and its high content of antioxidants that provide elasticity, freshness, shine and cellular protection to the skin. Vitamin C, on the other hand, favors the production of collagen which reduces wrinkles and lines of expression, clears spots and red marks, prevents marks from sun exposure and repairs sun damaged skin. You can apply this wonderful product as a pre base or on the makeup as it will leave a velvety texture on your delicate skin. It is advisable to spread it on your face, neck and cleavage before exposing yourself to the sun. It is important that you fold the product after you exercise or pass a towel over your face. Each packet is designed with modern technology to offer Airless bottles and thus increase the preserving of the product. Its format contains 50 ml. Enjoy the sun without putting your skin at risk. Prevent premature aging by using Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 from Prisma Natural daily.

    Facts of Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 from Prisma Natural

    • Protects the skin from UVB/UVA rays.
    • Prevents premature aging.
    • Light texture.
    • Causes velvety effect.
    • Water resistant.
    • Can be used before or after makeup.

    Sunscreen Antiaging SPF50 from Prisma Natural will be your ally to have a beautiful, healthy and always young skin.

    Recommended Use: shake well before use. Extend the product evenly over the face and neck before sun exposure.

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