Serum Collagen Plus - 30ml

Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is a lotion that must be applied to the skin to slow down the aging process. It contains Collagen accompanied by Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids, rich in protein and antioxidants. Ideal for all people who have irritated, dry and scaly skin, as it provides the smoothness and elasticity perfect to eliminate such problems.

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Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural, ideal way to bring antioxidant to the body.

Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is an ideal product to prevent the aging of the skin, as it is combined with vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids that serves for strengthening and regeneration. Its main element is the most abundant protein in our body, collagen, found in the ligaments, bones, cartilage, tendons and skin. It has been shown that this product helps to prevent skin stress and epidermal thickening (stretch marks).

Stress is reflected in our skin as it is sensitive and reactive and is called skin stress, which indicates that there is something in our body that is not totally in good condition and manifests itself through acne, redness and scales (which normally appear in elbows, knees and scalp). To do this, Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is responsible for giving your body that protein (collagen) that gives strength to the nails, hair, bones and skin with two ingredients, one of them is vitamin C that is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, important component for the structure of blood vessels, ligament and bones; And the other is, alpha-hydroxy acids are natural acids that are applied to blotchy and dry skin improving the pigmentation by renewing it through layers of Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural leaving the skin smoother helping to fill wrinkles and lines of expression. It also removes dead skin layers making the appearance of wrinkles less pronounced.

Facts of Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural

  • Soft and easy to use lotion, with a net content of 30 ml.
  • Vitamin C is a very effective antioxidant.
  • Collagen is a protein substance with the greatest presence in our organism.
  • Provides excellent results as it penetrates the skin layers making it more elastic.
  • Reduces the level of wrinkles, especially, around the eyes "crow's feet" and freight.
  • Prevents aging, due to the antioxidant of Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids.
  • Fills the lines of expression of the lips, eyelids and cheekbones.

Collagen is a protein that begin to decrease after 23 years of age. Serum Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is a product that allows you to slow down that process, since it acts as an antioxidant preventing the aging of cells. In addition, it is a sunscreen and exfoliant thanks to the combination of Vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids giving a better appearance and firmness to your skin.

Recommended use: first and foremost a thorough and full cleaning of the skin. After this, you should place a few drops of this product on the face, neck and other parts by massaging gently. Apply externally, avoiding eye contact.

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