Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma - 250ml

Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural contributes the multiple benefits of the onion replacing its penetrating smell by the pleasant aroma of the coconut. Each container contains 250 ml and is recommended to revitalize, give shine, strengthen and stimulate hair growth. Its formula cleans and intensely nourishes the scalp.

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Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural: long, strong and shiny hair.

Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural is excellent for revitalizing, strengthening, beautifying and promoting the growth of hair. The formula of this natural shampoo was elaborated with the most advanced technology to take advantage of all the nutrients of the onion excluding its strong odor and replacing it with the delicious fragrance of coconut. This shampoo can be used daily by women and men who wish to nourish their hair and scalp.

The onion has been used in hair treatments for centuries. Prisma Natural experts chose this popular ingredient to create this shampoo because of its high content of quercetin and sulfur. Quercetin manages to stimulate the blood supply by nourishing the hair, reducing inflammation of the scalp and promoting hair growth. For its part, sulfur is a mineral rich in anti-bacterial, fungicidal and antiseptic properties that prevent hair loss and eliminate excess fat achieving a deep cleaning of the hair. The hair is the frame of our face, for this reason it is extremely important to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Unfortunately sometimes conditions such as dandruff, inflammation of the scalp, the appearance of gray hair or the excessive production of sebum weaken, damage and affect the appearance of hair. To combat these discomforts you should regularly use Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma. Its formula will nourish your scalp and its tropical fragrance will leave your hair impregnated with a pleasant smell. Each container of Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma contains 250 ml. This wonderful formula is allergen free and is recommended for people with greasy, weak and mistreated hair or for those who want to keep their hair soft and shiny. Look a beautiful, long, strong and healthy hair without dandruff or grease. Use Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural every day and be the center of attention because of your beauty.

Facts of Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural

  • Stimulates hair growth.
  • Eliminates dandruff.
  • Nourishes the scalp.
  • Avoids greasy hair.
  • Provides shine, smoothness and strength to the hair.
  • Decreases hair loss.
  • Delays the appearance of gray hairs.

Revitalize and freshen your hair daily using the excellent Onion Extract Shampoo with Coconut Aroma from Prisma Natural.

Recommended Use: apply to damp hair by gently massaging the scalp until it creates a lather. Leave on for approximately 3 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water and repeat the procedure.

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