Hair 3.0 Hair Loss Treatment (Shampoo+Lotion) - Prisma Natural

Hair 3.0 Hair Loss Treatment (Shampoo+Lotion) from Prisma Natural is a hair treatment that has the combination of a shampoo + lotion to achieve a dandruff free hair, with more softness and hydration. The same, it is composed of extract of placenta and horsetail preventing the fall of hair. It is important to note that this hair treatment strengthens and repairs your hair.

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Hair 3.0 Hair Loss Treatment (Shampoo+Lotion) from Prisma Natural, product rich in vitamin B ideal to care for hair in the best way.

Hair 3.0 de Prisma Natural, shampoo + lotion work together to give your hair an effective treatment that helps strengthen it by making it grow healthy and without dandruff. This treatment is ideal to keep hair moisturizing, shiny and not greasy.

This shampoo is made up of vitamin B, strengthens the gland that allows the hair to grow and come to the surface. It also contains a substance called capixil designed to prevent hair loss and stimulate healthy growth. Keratin hydrolyzate is another component of this product that restructures damaged hair giving it greater softness and shape. It also contains substances that combat dandruff and is more abundant. Hair 3.0 from Prisma Natural is a treatment that can be used for both men and women. The shampoo is made of placenta extract of the hair and the combination of nutrients that decreases the fall, gives strength and repairs the affected areas of hair. It acts as a revitalizer given its formulation rich in flavonoids, saponins and mineral salts, thanks to horsetail extract.

Facts of Hair 3.0 Hair Loss Treatment (Shampoo+Lotion) from Prisma Natural

  • Placenta extract.
  • Rich in vitamin B.
  • Contains capixil, a complex that prevents hair loss.
  • Keeps your hair shiny, soft, fresh and hydrated.
  • Both products (shampoo + lotion) are effective to repair the affected areas of your hair due to the use of hair iron or colorings.
  • Contains a blend of vegetable extracts (polyplant), useful for hair treatment.
  • Two in one, shampoo + lotion. Treatment of hair repair, anti-fall and anti-dandruff.
  • Controls the scalp's tallow, making your hair brighter.

Today many people, mostly women want to keep hair strong, thick, soft, shiny and especially without dandruff. Definitely, Hair 3.0 Hair Loss Treatment (Shampoo+Lotion) from Prisma Natural will help you with all those problems you have with your hair. This product repairs the affected areas, prevents hair loss, moisturizes and strengthens the gland that allows hair to grow healthy. All this is possible thanks to the extract of horsetail, placenta and the vitamin B complex.

Recommended Use: the shampoo should be applied to the humid hair and massaged until it covers your head with foam, let it act for about 3 minutes and then remove it with water. It can be used daily to wash your hair or on alternate days. The lotion can be used with wet or dry hair and massaged until it is absorbed. Avoid contact with eyes.

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