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Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde - Prisma Natural

With Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural, the hair is delivered with a dose of keratin that adheres with static electricity. In this way, it is possible to conceal clearings and places where the presence of hair is scarce. Likewise, it is achieved that the hair has more vitality, shine and an appearance as healthy as juvenile.

    Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural. Restore your hair with an incredible product with guaranteed results.

    The product Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural is perfect to give the hair the impression of greater density, volume and lesser vision of the scalp. In this way, it is possible to appear less age and at the same time to have a more vigorous appearance. It has the great advantage that it does not fade and leaves no stains, as it is not a coloring agent but a catalyst for the natural nutrients and properties of hair.

    The secret consists in the use of organic keratin fibers, which are adhered to the hair by static electricity. Remember that keratin is the main component of both nails and hair. Therefore, the central tip of this product is to give more keratin to the hair, with the intention of strengthening it and having a greater presence. That way, Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural gets people to improve their hair with minimal effort.

    Keratin works for any type of hair: smooth, curly, thick, fine, etc. Its function is usually to moisturize more hair and provoke its frizz. The more damaged the hair, the more noticeable its effect. In the salons of beauty. Hairdressers and barber shops are widely used for customers who have low shine, dull and shaggy hair. On the other hand, Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural offers a range of colors that you can mix with each other to give your hair the tone you want. It does not have any type of contraindication, so it is 100% healthy. Likewise, it falls with water and shampoo, without fading or staining. It is resistant to sweating and the effect of the sun, making it ideal for use even when outdoor activities are required.

    Facts of Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural

    • Package of 28 grams
    • Once applied, its needs hairspray
    • Microscopic Keratin Fibers
    • Do not stain or stain
    • No contraindications of any kind
    • Increases hair volume and strength
    • Ideal for looking younger
    • Wash with water and shampoo
    • Resists sun, sweating and external environment

    With the fantastic Hair 3.0 building fibers blonde from Prisma Natural is achieved to improve the appearance of hair incredibly. Its keratin formula that adheres to the hair with the help of static electricity confers greater volume and shine to it. Therefore, it is ideal for those who have started to lose hair or the same is born too fine and thin.

    Recommended Use: apply only on dry hair. Then, add hairspray. It can be used during the day, but when it comes to showering it loses its effect and has to be reused again.

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