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Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown - Prisma Natural

Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural is a powder that is composed of hair fibers, in order to cover part of the aging process such as baldness and gray hair. In addition, it can be used by both women and men who want to hide these imperfections that overwhelm without the need for harmful chemicals.

    Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural: The best way to take care of your hair.

    Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural is a powder containing microscopic keratin fibers that stick to your hair by means of static electricity. The most amazing of this product that at the time of application does not stain and makes your hair look thick making it hide your true age.

    We all know that aging is shown externally by spoiling our physical appearance by affecting our mood since it shows a negative appearance of ourselves. The self-esteem of the human beings is very sensible and grey hair and its fall terribly affect it. Fortunately, when using Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural no one will notice that it is not your true hair and you can hide the baldness and gray hair that are so annoying, showing a stronger and abundant hair as soon as applied. This product provides support to people who want to disguise aging, without the need to use other products that contain chemicals harmful to our hair (dyes or other), damaging the health of your hair (dryness, hairstyles and frizz) which is very difficult to recover.

    Facts of Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural

    • It will last all day in a natural way.
    • By the application of these hair fibers the aging process of your hair (baldness and gray hairs) is disguised.
    • Acts instantly when applied, leaving your hair thicker, with greater volume and invisibility of the scalp.
    • Does not contain any dyeing. The color of this product comes from the natural color of keratin.
    • Resistant to rain, wind, sweat and any usual contingency.
    • It does not have any type of smell, nor does it cause allergies.
    • Net content of 28 grams.
    • Free of chemicals harmful to hair.

    Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural is used by women and men, not only in order to disguise baldness and gray hair, also use these hair fibers to increase the volume of hair being the fastest and easiest way to get thick hair in such a short time. It is ideal for a special meeting and even more important to increase your self-esteem hiding some disease (alopecia) and aging (gray hair and baldness), without the need to apply dyes that damage the appearance of your hair. Definitely, Hair 3.0 Building Fibers Dark Brown from Prisma Natural eliminates that concern that affects us as it will last all day with a natural look, the result is undetectable and even close up.

    Recommended Use: it can be applied daily on dry and dark brown hair in just 3 minutes. It does not cause irritation to the scalp. Its effect will end when you wash your hair with shampoo.

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