Gel Aloe Vera (Rosehip+Tea tree) - 500ml

Gel Aloe Vera (Rosehip+Tea tree) is effective for repairing irritated, dry and hard skin making it more elastic to prevent fine lines, stretch marks, premature wrinkles and blemishes on the skin. This product is rich in vitamins E, A and C. It acts on the skin as a refreshing providing the necessary hydration.

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Gel Aloe Vera (Rosehip+Tea tree) from Prisma Natural, ideal for improving dry skin.

Gel Aloe Vera is a product composed of two main elements that act directly on the skin (rosehip + tea tree) intervene in conjunction with vitamin E for the restoration of the skin moisturizing and decreasing the degree of moisture perceiving the skin fresher.

From the seeds of rosehip, oil is extracted, which in these times is considered as one of the best rejuvenating and regenerating components of the skin. This is an essential ingredient in this product to strengthen treatments for wrinkles, stretch marks or blemishes on the skin. Rosehip is enriched in vitamin A and vitamin C, which work together in aloe vera gel to control the appearance of wrinkles and premature skin lesions such as: dryness, sagging and hardness. It also improves the color and appearance of the skin that has been damaged by the sun's rays, contains antioxidants in large quantities decreasing with time the wrinkles. The oil that is extracted from the tea tree is obtained through the dilatation of the leaves, is one of the most used and active, being one of the most powerful antiseptic, antiviral and natural fungicide. It contains properties that fight against fungi, bacteria, acne, herpes and abscesses. In addition, it acts on aloe vera gel as antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory; It intervenes in the scalp that is irritated and with dandruff promoting the beautification of it.

Facts of Gel Aloe Vera (Rosehip+Tea tree) from Prisma Natural

  • Good protection against the sun.
  • Rosehip is a key active ingredient in moisturizing cosmetics.
  • Tea tree is regarded as one of the world's leading antiseptics.
  • It is also composed of emollient, making dry and hard skin soft.
  • The presentation of this product is a cream with a net content of 500ml
  • This product is composed of vitamin E, which its antioxidant properties blocks the damage to the skin caused by the sun rays, thus preventing aging.
  • Works as a moisturizer to make the skin more elastic

Being the skin the largest organ of the human body and that is at first sight before the others, it is necessary that we offer him hydration and freshness every day. This can be possible with Gel Aloe Vera (Rosehip+Tea tree) composed of two important oils that come from the rosehip and tea tree ideal for skin mistreated by ultraviolet rays with a rapid recovery.

Recommended Use: apply on irritated skin by making a slight message until completely absorbed. It can be applied several times a day.

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