Flash stick from Prisma Natural is perfect to give a touch of flavor to the strictest diets, whether for sports, without affecting the diet or nutritional regime to be met. With a wide range of flavors, allows to intake tasty food as it has little amount of sugars and calories. Ideal for enjoying delicious flavors in your meals without a feeling of guilt.

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Flash stick from Prisma Natural. Change the taste of your favorite drinks in a healthy and sugar-free way.

Flash stick from Prisma Natural is a peculiar alternative for all the people that must make diets, or for medical reasons, by requirement of a sport program.

Usually, in any of these diet plans, one should give up tasty meals, but which usually have a high fat or calorie content. For this reason, sometimes eating a diet is boring, because although healthy food is consumed, it turns out to be somewhat tasteless. For this reason, products such as Flash stick from Prisma Natural have been created. It is a flavoring powder with very little sugar and calories that allows it to be used in everyday food without the problems that can cause other elements such as salt and sugar. In this way, you can count on the taste of a range of incredible flavors, such as cola, orange, lemon, cherry and melon. It is the perfect opportunity to give a taste brush to those strict diets that are necessary for overall health.

The market is packed with products containing chemicals and artificial flavors, which often end up being detrimental to people's health. Therefore, many doctors and sports coaches choose to require that such foods be removed from the usual diet of people. In this way, problems ranging from obesity to damage to the cardiac system, to the liver or the appearance of some suffering derived from an inappropriate intake are avoided. However, the product Flash stick from Prisma Natural is a flavoring that guarantees a tolerance level in the body much more than acceptable. It stands out for its small amount of calories and sugars, which avoids inconveniences of obesity, accumulation of lipids or alterations in the glucose. In addition, it does not contain gluten and is certified to avoid any allergies in those who consume it. It comes in a convenient sachets that can be added to drinks or other foods. Flavors offered: cola, orange, lemon, cherry and melon. Perfect for all ages, it allows to give something colorful and a taste to the daily meals.

Facts of Flash stick from Prisma Natural

  • Flavoring for food and drink
  • Low in fats and sugars
  • Not allergenic
  • Gluten-free
  • In convenient format
  • Flavors: cola, orange, lemon, cherry and melon

Ideal for people to indulge in the intake of tasty food without having the remorse of gaining weight unexpectedly. It makes diet programs more bearable.

Recommended Use: dissolve in 1.5 liters of water each of the flavor sachets contained in a pack.

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