Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy (Body cream+Fragrance+Bath gel) - Prisma Natural

Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural contains three ideal products (Body cream + Fragrance + Bath gel) to achieve good skin care and maintain a radiant appearance at all times. It also contains vitamins and natural ingredients to promote hydration and prevent dryness of the skin.

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Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural for proper body care at all times.

Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural is an excellent packet of three substances (Body cream+Fragrance+Bath gel) that help protect the skin and contribute to personal cleanliness. They come in a comfortable 250 ml format to put in the backpack or in the wallet and enjoy a feeling of freshness with a pleasant smell from anywhere and at all times.

We know that being away from home and not having access to adequate hydration or cleaning can be a real hassle, especially for girls who care about their personal care, but there is nothing to worry about, always carry a Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural as the perfect solution for a beautiful appearance of the skin. Skin protection usually depends heavily on the moisture and regeneration of the cells, otherwise, it is easier for the hands to dry out, causing erosions and an unhealthy appearance, however, the Body Cream contained in the Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy brings vitamins and ingredients suitable to protect the dermis and keep it moisturized.

Prisma Natural could not forget Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural, as it is one of the essential products for body cleansing. An application leaves the skin clean, soft and fully scented with a radiant and luxurious appearance.Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural is the ideal combination for those who want a younger, radiant and velvety skin appearance, exactly what it takes to feel good. Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural can be used as a perfume, cologne or after the shower to sleep as in the clouds. In addition, Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural incorporates a delicious perfume with pleasant fragrance to highlight good skin care and refresh the body. Even its combination has gold particles that provide an authentic look of luxury, ideal to be radiant all the time.

Facts of Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural

  • Packet of three products of great quality: Body Cream + Perfume + Bath Gel
  • Convenient 250 ml format each pack for easy transportation and use
  • Maintains proper hydration of the skin
  • Protects against dryness
  • For all skin types
  • Provides a luxurious and radiant appearance
  • Contributes to proper body care
  • Delicious aroma
  • Provides freshness and smoothness in a single application

Staying radiant and showing a clean appearance speaks of how much we care about our personal care, that is why, Dressing Case Radiant Fantasy from Prisma Natural brings us the best combination of three products to achieve it, and best of all is that it is easy to transport to a correct personal hygiene, hydration and appearance at any time.

Recommended use: first apply the Bath Gel and remove with plenty of water, then Body Cream with gentle massages until completely absorbed and finally spray the Perfume for a delicious aroma.

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