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Dermoregenerative cream - 50ml - Prisma Natural

Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural is your best ally in removing marks on the skin, regardless of its depth. It eliminates blemishes caused by skin diseases or birthmarks. It moisturizes your skin completely natural way preventing wrinkles and even eliminating wrinkles already present, and preventing the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural: your best ally for a healthy, fresh and vibrant skin, removing even the deepest marks.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural is a formula specially created by Prisma Natural laboratories that help and provide maximum hydration and protection for all skin types as it is used to get skin to heal faster, as well as to remove stains and burns and irritated. This product has the power to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones, it can also remove dead skin cells to provide luminosity and remove spots, patches and blackheads.

    In recent years the field of beauty care has experienced a phenomenon by the appearance of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural, a natural product with fascinating cosmetic and medicinal properties. It is a cream with multiple compounds that fulfills vital functions for them as such the processes of repair and regeneration, and after careful studies was determined to possess properties on human skin.

    One of the main compounds of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural is the snail slime that exerts a double function. On the one hand, it stimulates the formation of collagen, elastin and the dermal component that repair the signs of photo aging and, on the other hand, minimizes the damage caused by the premature aging of the skin. For example, it has glycolic acid that acts as an exfoliant, getting rid of dead skin and helping to nourish the new layers of skin.

    Facts of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural

    • Contributes to the hydration and softness of the skin.
    • Acts quickly eliminating stretch marks and cellulite, which create an anti-aesthetic appearance on the skin.
    • Eliminates marks caused by acne.
    • Potent all-natural anti-wrinkle.
    • Eliminates scars of any kind, even those of greater depth or antiquity.
    • Eliminates marks caused by diseases of the skin.
    • Eliminates diseases of the skin.
    • Eliminates marks by burns or stains on the skin.
    • Ideal for people in post-surgery treatments.
    • Prevents the formation of scars and keloids.
    • Eliminates dead or dysfunctional cells.
    • Contributes to the development of new cells for healthy skin.

    Innumerable creams have emerged with in the treatment of the skin, but only Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural has achieved the impossible with fundamental ingredients to guarantee the care and beauty of your skin counting on the best natural extracts for the treatment of your skin in the world of cosmetology today that only Prisma Natural can offer you, because with the use of ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, agar agar and extracts of walnut, fucus, tepezcohuite, calipuala polypodium, snail slime and marigold guarantees a better look of your skin, with the freshness and vitality that you have always wanted.

    Recommended Use: as a topical application apply a thick layer of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural over the desired area, at least once a day.

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