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Dermoregenerative Cream - 100ml - Prisma Natural

Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural is composed of totally natural ingredients (organic), integrated in percentage to achieve the desired effects on the skin, being totally natural does not cause side effects such as allergies, sun spots on the skin, bad odors, among others.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural prevents premature appearance of wrinkles, removes deep marks and spots on the skin in each application, giving you a youthful and healthy appearance at all times.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural acts in such a way that when applied it instantly feels rehydration of the skin, specially formulated to provide maximum protection to sensitive, red, irritated, scaly skins among others due to its functioning at the cellular level at the time of absorption of the same in the applied area. This cream has a component derived from menthol which makes it ideal for bodybuilders, when exercising, to provide a unique freshness and exclusive softness of Prisma Natural products.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural has high-level and very efficient medicinal properties, which are intensified at the moment of corporal physical demands. Many physical bodybuilders use this type of cream to avoid and / or eliminate stretch marks caused by arduous physical work, they apply the Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural before and after the exercise routine, obtaining extremely optimum results. The athletes use a lot of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural to avoid numbness (cramps) at the time of great physical demands, even once at the end of the workouts, both physical bodybuilders and athletes from other branches have used the cream and acts as a relaxing moment that the muscle ceases to be continuously active. These and many other qualities, make this wonderful and practical cream, simply the best in its style.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural can be applied both in the daily routine, and when exercising and walking daily, without fear that its appearance in the area used becomes a paste when applied, thus forgetting those for children that will not occur. With the use of this wonderful product you are just one step away from obtaining premium quality for your health, and for you as an athlete or sportsman can highlight these muscles, you should not miss this innovative product within your daily care accessories.

    Facts of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural

    • 100% natural components.
    • Presentation of 100ml (3.4 Fl. Oz)
    • Supports sun exposure.
    • Neither drips nor becomes doughy when doing physical activities.
    • Maximum performance when exercising.
    • Has no chemical additives.
    • Prevents the appearance of wrinkles.
    • Neutralizes marks or lines of expression.
    • Removes spots.
    • Removes deep marks on the skin.

    Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural is an excellent product that will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which can cause skin diseases by carrying out activities for a long time under the sun. This cream can be used to prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, removes blemishes and deep marks on the skin, and can also be applied in cases of skin irritation for both sun and cold, for burns or irritations of the skin at the level of the nose. 

    Recommended use: as a topical application, apply a thick layer of Dermoregenerative Cream from Prisma Natural over the desired area, at least once a day.

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