Cream Colored Snail Slime - 50ml

Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural is a product of topical use. It is a colored cream highly moisturizing, which is regenerating for all skin types.

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Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural offers you all the great benefits to maintaining healthy skin.

Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural is a highly moisturizing and regenerating colored cream for all skin types, thanks to its content of extract of Helix Aspersa, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil and Aloe Vera extract. It provides vitality, softness and shine to the skin and preserves its smoothness throughout the day. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, highly moisturizing and wrinkle diffuser. Its sun protection factor of 15 decreases the action of free radicals caused by the sun's rays.

Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural helps the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, so it is recommended for athletes and sportsmen who want to keep a good skin health. Often we have to deal with a multitude of artificial products that not only do not deliver, empty our pockets for nothing. In this case you have a natural product in which there are no side effects and its benefits have been tested by the scientific community.

Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural is a colored moisturizing emulsion with silky texture that brings out the true skin color, leaving a satiny and natural background, without greasing it. It is easily removed with a good make-up remover. It contains argan oil, hyaluronic acid and snail extract that provide moisturizing and wrinkle blurring properties. A totally natural element that today is used to give life to hundreds of cosmetics due to its multiple properties on beauty.

Facts of Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural

  • Softens in a high percentage the stretch marks and cellulitis.
  • Removes ankle marks.
  • Powerful natural anti-wrinkle.
  • Clears scars, even the deepest or oldest.
  • Removes marks.
  • Eliminates burn marks or patches on the skin of birth.
  • Recommended in post-surgery treatments, to avoid the formation of keloids and scars.
  • Eliminates dead or dysfunctional cells.
  • Gives rise to the development of healthy cells.

Cream Colored Snail Slime from Prisma Natural is an interesting cream that offers you this recognized brand, which has a long career in the field of health. In this case we speak of a light cream that is absorbed and prevents dryness and roughness in our hands. In the last years, we have seen how strong the snail slime has burst into the field of beauty, but this is a natural product that has extraordinary cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Recommended use: as a topical application apply the cream on the face, neck and cleavage by performing a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

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