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Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) - 100ml

Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) is a product of topical use that brings vitality, softness and shine to the skin and retains its smoothness throughout the day. It contains a protection factor 15 so it acts against the free radicals caused by the sun's rays.

    Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural is a moisturizer and regenerator for all skin types.

    Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural is a highly moisturizing and regenerative snail slime extract cream for all skin types with aloe vera and rosehip. A day moisturizing lotion. It has a great amount of beneficial properties for the skin: regeneration, wrinkles, acne, exfoliation, burns, cicatrization and post-operative spots, glycolic acid, vitamins, calcium, enzymes, anti-irritant and stimulant action, collagen, elastin, exfoliating power. It is a potent natural bactericide against infections.

    Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural not only is a product for the face, use it in hands and body daily, you will be amazed by the results. Use it also after a hair removal, your skin will have a fast recovery. Highly recommend for athletes or sportsmen as the snail slime also contains collagen and eslastine so it provides a great smoothness to the skin avoiding its flabbiness, in addition, it that contains a protection factor of 15.

    Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural is mainly used for the prevention of premature aging of the skin. With its incredible "Snail Slime" active elements: it is the mucous secretion that helps to heal skin burns, diminishes and attenuates wrinkles, scars, keloids, burns, sun and old spots, stretch marks, acne and warts. It is a powerful antioxidant for the skin. "Rosehip Oil" is beneficial for mature, dry skin and helps relieve sensitive skin, and also decreases the redness of the skin due to its natural tonic and its astringent properties. It also has regenerating and moisturizing properties. "Aloe Vera" is used to treat the dryness of the skin, burns and signs of aging. It also has moisturizing properties, protects against solar radiation and astringent properties.

    Facts of Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural

    • Potent natural bactericide against infections.
    • Provides vitality, smoothness and shine to the skin.
    • Allows the skin to retain its smoothness throughout the day.
    • Contains a protection factor of 15.
    • Improves damaged skins.
    • Decreases redness.
    • Promotes healing processes.
    • Moisturizing properties.
    • Diminishes and smoothes wrinkles.

    Cream Snail Slime (Rosehip+Aloe) from Prisma Natural is ideal for any type of skin. Being one of the favorite products for its effectiveness. This cream contains many properties and benefits that will improve the overall appearance of your skin.

    Recommended Use: as a topical use, use two or three times a day on washed skin and free makeup.

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