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Cream Collagen Plus - 50ml

Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is an excellent product of topical use, ideal for athletes and sportsmen who perform outdoor activities. Protect your skin from harmful sun rays, with this product, with sunscreen, based on collagen and natural ingredients that will give you daily the hydration that your skin needs to have a healthy, smooth and shiny appearance.

    Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural. Revitalize your body, feel all the regenerative power of collagen in each application and conserve your skin day after day.

    Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is an excellent product based on hydrolyzed collagen, which gives your face a smoother and softer appearance, penetrates directly into the epidermis, nourishing it completely, to the point that you will always look young and healthy.

    Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is special for you as a sportsman who cares about your physical appearance, as this product to be based on collagen will help keep your skin hydrated in places where it is completely dry, and rehydrate it in areas where you need it most, because it has a high content of organic silicon, which is essential in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body, which in turn is used in cosmetic treatments to possess the ability to extract water and retain it in the skin rehydrating the epidermis of every area where this wonderful cream is used.

    Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural is recommended for athletes and sportsmen who perform activities constantly outdoors, exposing their skin every day to the harmful rays of the sun, which cause the loss of hydration of the skin, causing a great dryness that can in turn cause illness on the skin, spots and wrinkles. For this reason it is important to use and apply this excellent product that Prisma Natural has brought to you, so that you look a smooth skin, completely soft, with a young and shiny appearance, reducing wrinkles and lines of expression, thanks to which promotes the growth of new cells in your skin.

    Facts of Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural

    • Available in a practical presentation of 50 ml.
    • Potent antioxidant based on completely natural ingredients.
    • Prevents premature skin aging.
    • Neutralizes the appearance of wrinkles and removes existing ones.
    • Moisturizes the skin and rehydrates areas where you need it most.
    • Prevents dryness of the skin.
    • Has sunscreen to protect your skin from the effect of harmful sun rays.
    • Promotes the growth of new skin cells.
    • Ideal for athletes and sportsmen who perform outdoor activities.
    • Prevents the disease of the skin.
    • Used for cosmetology treatments.
    • Reduces expression lines.

    Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural will give your skin the much needed hydration, giving it elasticity, a smooth and shiny appearance, so that every day you feel more revitalized and rejuvenated with this wonderful cream based on collagen, organic silicon, malic acid and adenosine that fights wrinkles.

    Recommended Use: as a topical application, apply Cream Collagen Plus from Prisma Natural at least once a day, to moisturize the skin and protect it from the sun's rays.

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