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Collagen Plus Flexiplus - 500g

Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural is a recommended supplement to help the body regenerate the skin, tendons, joints and strengthen the circulatory system in a natural and totally reliable way, ideal for athletes, sportsmen and anyone else looking to keep the body in optimal health.

    Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural, improves the appearance of the skin and regenerates joints and tissues.

    Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural is an antioxidant supplement very rich in collagen proteins and very beneficial to our body as it improves the skin, tendons, joints, helps muscle recovery after physical exercise and strengthens the circulatory system. This essential product for the body and its functioning is composed of vitamin C, citric acid, hyaluronic acid, bamboo and other components, however, most of its content is hydrolyzed collagen, which is vital for organs, muscles and tissue regeneration.

    It is proven that the deficit of this protein in the body causes a series of complications and, even more so in the elderly, since it causes annoying wrinkles, lose elasticity of the skin and begin to notice certain problems in the joints, so the best way to prevent all these conditions is to consume Collagen Plus Flexiplus. Usually, the advantages of this supplement are found in certain foods, but to take advantage of its excellent effects, it is essential to consume it in a more direct and concentrated way as it is through Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural, it is just enough to incorporate it into the diet every day. A dose of this supplement from Prisma Natural will allow you to enjoy a better appearance of the skin, hair growth, strengthening of the nails, and as well as relieve symptoms of certain diseases associated with aging, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and the hypertension.

     Facts of Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural

    • Excellent anti-inflammatory
    • Prevents osteoporosis, arthritis and hypertension
    • Improves the appearance, elasticity and firmness of the skin
    • Indicated to treat wounds and pains.
    • Strengthens bones, muscles, joints, hair and nails.

    Taking Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural is an excellent option to help the body obtain one of the most important components for health and the proper functioning of it, why buy foods that contain only a little collagen if we have at disposal this supplement that has everything and brings all the amount that is needed?

    Recommended Use: Ingest Collagen Plus Flexiplus from Prisma Natural before breakfast, once a day, these will be enough to obtain optimal results in our body.

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    Es neutro de sabor?
    2018-10-20 21:25:14 Concepción
    Buenas , tiene sabor a naranja. gracias un saludo
    2018-10-22 09:51:27 Joel
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    Ustedes anuncian Colágeno Plus flexiplus- 500mg por 16,95 en su pg web, y luego cuando vas ha comprar el producto te marca 20,94. Y pone portes gratis
    2017-07-16 13:10:57 Concepción
    Buenos dias , ese producto no tiene envio gratuito , todo depende de donde seria el envio, te dejo un link donde te lo explica todo https://www.masmusculo.com/es/content/1-shipping gracias un saludo
    2017-07-17 10:11:16 Hector
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    Hola. ¿Se puede tomar en la cena?
    2017-05-10 12:52:50 Juan
    Hola lo puede tomar en la cena o en el desayuno es indiferente. Un saludo
    2017-05-11 10:11:39 Beltran
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