Body Cream Rosehip - 200ml

Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural is a nourishing cream that contains all the properties of Rosehip and natural tocopherols to enjoy a smooth, hydrated and velvety skin. Including it in your daily care is ideal to protect the dermis from imperfections, hardness or dryness, exactly what it takes to highlight the body's beauty.

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Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural for a velvety and fully hydrated skin.

Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural is a nourishing body cream that contains Rosehip and natural tocopherols to leave the skin velvety, in addition, regenerates, protects and hydrates each cell, therefore, its use is recommended for all those who want a better appearance of the dermis and totally moisturized.

Rosehip is a natural oil with large positive effects on care and skin's health because it contains rejuvenating and conditioning properties to cells. A few years ago began to be used to treat diseases related to the dermis, however, today Prisma Natural brings us in a comfortable format of 200 ml the best Rosehip for body beauty.

Rosehip oil is rich in essential acids, such as Omega 6 and 3, which are used to nourish the skin and keep it fully hydrated. Even these help to keep it moist and free of dryness. Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural is an excellent tool to enjoy all these ingredients, therefore, its use is highly recommended to ensure good health of the dermis. The Best of all is that it is easily absorbed to notice positive changes in a short time. It is common for the skin, especially the hands to dry out due to the constant use of cleaning products or rubs with surfaces, however, Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural is the perfect solution to protect and enjoy softness. Also, those who have hard skin can use it to soften and remove imperfections. Now to its advanced formula was included natural tocopherol or also known as vitamin E thanks to its antioxidant effect that protects cells from external aggression or contamination and provides better overall appearance.

Facts of Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural

  • With Rosehip and natural tocopherols
  • Regenerates and nourishes the skin
  • Protects against contaminants and external aggressions.
  • Moisturizes and provides a velvety appearance
  • Antioxidant effect to repair and protect the skin
  • Ideal for combating dryn or hard skin

The skin is the main element of the body that protects all our organs and its care is no less important, therefore, it is advisable to ensure adequate maintenance and health with the use of body care products like Body Cream Rosehip from Prisma Natural to hydrate, regenerate and provide softness.

Recommended use: apply this product on the skin and by means of a gentle massage to irrigate the whole area until its total absorption, to do it after bathing and preferably in the morning hours.

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