Body Cream Gold from Prisma Natural is a moisturizer that pleases the skin at different ages and its absorption is fast. This cream is notable for being enriched with gold dust that has revitalizing properties which gives the skin a shine and special velvety appearance.

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Body Cream Gold from Prisma Natural: the cream that revitalizes your skin.

Moisturizers are a product that usually have particular characteristics that give the skin the ability to eliminate dryness. This product besides helping to avoid the hard skin, it has no effects in the treatment of correction or disguise of wrinkles.

An important component of this product is the colloidal gold that is shown as the main element of this cream that makes it so attractive because it is rich in trace elements and combats cellular aging, nourishes the skin and is able to form a shield that protects and prevents the effects of the passage of time.

Colloidal gold is a soft, heavy, shiny, ductile and malleable transition metal, it does not usually react to most chemicals, although it is sensitive to royal water and chlorine, so it is so modifiable or applicable to mixtures, is very productive to create creams of this style that generate benefits to the skin and do not provoke contraindications or negative effects for the person who buys this product but rather it give the safety that improves its popularity in the market over other moisturizers. When you want to know if it is the product to buy you tend to look for what benefits or advantages it produces in specific, so you find it easily.

Facts of Body Cream Gold from Prisma Natural

  • Attenuates expression lines and can smooth the appearance of the skin.
  • Its main element is gold which has the power to catalyze the active elements that are placed on the skin and could thus achieve the electrostatic balance of the cells.
  • Works as a revitalizing therapy through the main element of this gold cream, after its application ensures a fully mineralized skin.
  • Gold products have the function of being anti-inflammatory and anti-free radicals.
  • The property that excels more of the cream of gold is that it contributes against the cellular aging, where a protective shield is created and it reinforces the natural defense systems.

When seeing these properties it is more than obvious for people who seek to have a more hydrated and healthy skin, something this product offers, that they must buy this cream.

Recommended use: apply this cream with a gentle massage for a few minutes for its total absorption, preferably use it after bathing.

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