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Biotin Shampoo - 500ml

Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural is composed of organic ingredients and enriched with vitamins, proteins and natural extracts specially combined to nourish the scalp avoiding the permutation of the hair. It guarantees the repair and revitalization of the hair giving it elasticity, shine, softness and beauty. It is offered in bottles of 500ml.

    Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural, revitalizes and beautifies your hair.

    All women and men strive to have a hydrated and beautiful hair; However in the pursuit of beauty they often subject it to products that dry it such as dyes and lacquers or at high temperatures with curling irons, irons and dryers. To care, revitalize, moisturize, strengthen and beautify your hair Prisma Natural created Biotin Shampoo made with organic ingredients and enriched with vitamins, proteins and natural extracts. This wonderful treatment of frequent capillary contributes to the restructuring of the hair fiber repairing from the roots to the most damaged tips.

    The main component of the wonderful Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural is the horsetail extract that remineralizes and revitalizes the hair preventing its fall. This ingredient nourishes the scalp favoring its maintenance by increasing blood circulation to the follicles. When the hair follicles receive more nutrients, cellular repair is initiated, avoiding premature baldness. It favors the maintenance of the elasticity of blood vessels and strengthens its resistance achieving a hair follicle of greater volume that generates the growth of healthy and strong hair. Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural is enriched with keratin, a sulfur-rich protein substance that forms the majority of the hair structure and serves as a moisturizing and repairing damaged strand.

    It also contains panthenol, provitamin B-5, this active contributes to avoid the lack of vitamin B5. It produces elasticity, softness and shine in the hair reducing the amount of open tips and preventing dry hair. Among its components highlights the esculus hippocastanum (extract of chestnut) agent that conditions, protects and strengthens hair strands. It is ideal for anyone who wants to regenerate, soften and strengthen their hair. Because of its neutral PH is recommended for frequent use. Studies advise that when washing the hair is positive do with cold water to avoid mistreating it and increase frizz. There is no doubt that Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural will leave your hair healthy and radiant.

    Facts of Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural

    • Remineralizes and revitalizes hair.
    • Prevents hair loss.
    • Nourishes the scalp.
    • avors the formation of keratin.
    • Provides shine, smoothness and elasticity to the hair.
    • Stimulates hair growth.

    If you want to have the healthiest hair of all and avoid its fall, use Biotin Shampoo from Prisma Natural daily.

    Recommended Use: apply on damp hair and massage the scalp to create a kind of foam. Leave on for about three minutes. Then rinse with plenty of water.

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