Cream that works as a muscle relaxant and analgesic made from bee venom. Apitox Cream 100 ml is made by Prisma Natural to relieve those conditions as typical as bruises, sprains, joint pain or muscle contractions.

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Apitox cream from Prisma Natural ends up with those uncomfortable muscle and joint discomforts.

Nature provides us with wonderful solutions that favor our health. Since the earliest times of mankind, substances such as the extract of some herbs or even some others as unusual as the poison of some animals and plants have been used for healing purposes or for hunting or other possible application.

This is the case of bee venom, which, in controlled doses can be very beneficial to alleviate body ailments at the muscle and joint level. It works as a muscle relaxant and is frequently used by professional masseurs in "apitherapy".

Apitox Cream is a tube of about 100 ml of cream made from bee venom, which combines the healing properties of several proteins responsible for the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect of the venom of these animals. In addition, it also contains important elements such as honey extract, which works as a lubricant to relieve the joints and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The hydroglycolic extract of harpagofito, which also provides the active principles of harpagofito and betasitosterol, ideal to combat inflammations. The remaining components are menthol, Procumbens, glucosamine HCl and chondroitin sulfate.

Facts of Apitox Cream from Prisma Natural

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Quickly absorbed.
  • Relieves muscle aches and pains in joints.
  • Anesthetic properties.
  • Ideal for apitherapy treatments.
  • Thanks to glucosamine hydrochloride, it favors the synthesis of collagen.
  • Antimicrobial properties thanks to the presence of honey extract.
  • Also includes moisturizing and antioxidant components.

Apitox Cream 100 ml is an ideal product for such common ailments as inflammation, bruising, sprains, tendonitis, painful muscle contractions, lumbago, bone breakdown, inflammation of the bones and recovery of ligament operations. Although it is a cream based on bee venom, there is no need to worry at the time of its application, since Prisma Natural has tried to manufacture this product under the strictest safety measures and isolating only the beneficial properties of the bee poison, in addition to other components that reinforce the anti-inflammatory and regenerative action of the cream. It is advisable to have on hand at home any emergency, especially when you have children who are usually very hyperactive.

Recommended Use: this is a cold cream that should be applied in the area that presents the ailment and massage gently until it has been absorbed by the skin. For a better effect, it is recommended to be applied by a professional apitherapy; an ancient therapy that brings benefits to the body relief using bee venom in localized areas.

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