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Adipo block burner - 60 caps

Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural is a product with properties that stimulate metabolism, help control body weight and appetite, and regulate blood sugar, because of its fantastic combination of scientifically proven ingredients that ensure the effectiveness and quality of this product.

    Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural, the most efficient fat burner on the market.

    Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural is a complement in which the star ingredient is the African mango (Magnifera indica L.), which combined with different herbal extracts, contribute to weight loss and appetite control.

    Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural contains ingredients such as red tea, Garcinia Cambogia, guarana, green tea, bitter orange and rhodiola, traditionally used to promote weight loss, and uses a patented and scientifically tested formula IGOB 131, which ensures its effectiveness by controlling body weight.

    Thanks to all its wonderful ingredients, Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural favors the reduction of resistance to leptin, whose function is: to diminish the appetite, working directly in the hypothalamus and to favor the use of fat as a source energy, thus helping to burn fat deposits with physical activity. Several studies have shown that people with obesity problems do not produce leptin, in addition, they become resistant to it, for this reason, Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural acts directly on this resistance reducing it, also fulfills important functions at the time to avoid gaining weight after losing it.

    Another function of Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural is the increase of levels of adiponectin, which has the function of maintaining the sensitivity of the cells to insulin, which in turn manages to avoid chronic hyperinsulinemia, the control of adiponectin is an important scientific achievement as it is of great help in combating diabetes and obesity. In addition, Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural inhibits Glycerol-3-phosphate-dehydrogenase, which is the enzyme responsible for the transformation of stored sugars into fatty deposits, Adipo Block inhibits it by reducing its presence in PPAR receptors, which is able to avoid its transformation into fat after ingestion, entering a phase of lipolysis (which is a metabolic process in which the body's lipids are transformed to produce fatty acids and glycerol to meet energy needs).

    Facts of Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural

    • Helps to control body weight.
    • Controls appetite.
    • Regulates blood sugar levels.
    • Presentation in capsules.
    • Attractive packaging.

    Adipo block burner (African Mango) from Prisma Natural is ideal for those who want a food supplement that helps them control appetite and facilitate loss of body fat, as well as stimulate metabolism and control blood sugar levels. 

    Recommended Use: Take two capsules a day, before breakfast and before lunch.

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    Hola, me podrían decir si en su composición lleva maltodextrina?
    2019-06-06 00:01:38 Natalia López Esclapez
    Hola Natalia! Si, la lleva como agente de carga. Un saludo.
    2019-06-06 10:27:20 Joel
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