Prisma Natural

Prisma Natural is a brand by Nueva Dietética, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the diet and nutrition fields located in Alcalá de Guadaira, Seville.

This company develops a complete range of products distributed in 16 lines, including advanced natural formulas in sports supplements and cosmetics.



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Prisma Natural has the lines Perfil (Profile), Solución (Solution), Viales (Vials), Solares (Solar), Colagen Plus, Alove Cosmetics, Dermoregenerative, Micro spheres, ADIPO-Block, LR Labs, Apitox Cream, Raspberry Ketone, Café Verde (Green Coffee), Baba de Caracol (Snail Slime), Silicio Orgánico (organic silicon) and Hair 3.0.

The Perfil (Profile) line contains reducers and modelers for the silhouette, as well as bars, herbal complexes, and Omega 3 pearls.

The Solución (Solution) line offers food products with a therapeutic effect, with relaxing and digestive formulas.

The Viales (Vials) Line contains advanced products that provide natural actives in soft phials.

The Solares (Solar) Line offers creams, sunscreens and skin care serums.

Colagen Plus offers a wide range of collagen creams, serums and tablets in high purity formulas.

Alove Cosmetics contains the creams, serums, cleansers and exfoliators for the intensive skin care.

Dermoregerative is the nutricosmetic line that provides the state-of-the-art dermoregenerative lotions and creams.

Micro Esferas (Micro Spheres) is made up of the natural products available in microspheres format, with proven herbal minerals and herbal actives.

Adipo- Block is a line of fat blockers, depurative and detoxifying to help lose weight, reduce fat and improve health.

LR Labs provides whey protein supplements for sports training, as well as amino acids, volumizers and energizers required for the practice of physical activities.


Apitox Cream provides a complete line of creams and cosmetics with the ingredient epitoxin.

Rasperry Ketone incorporates various formulas in raspberry ketones capsules.

Café Verde (Green Coffee) contains natural and energizing thermogenics based on natural green coffee.

Baba de caracol (snail slime) offers cosmetic creams and lotions for skin treatment.

Silicio Orgánico (Organic Silicon) contains the nourishing creams based on silicon mineral.

Hair 3.0 contains a variety of capsules, cosmetics and lotions for hair care.

Prisma Natural is a brand committed to research and continuous development in new technologies and has innovative formulas, based on the latest scientific and technological advances. In this way, it can offer solutions in natural products to help improve the quality of life of its consumers.