ClarWhey by Pr-Ou is a great source of concentrated proteins and a delight hard to match. Check for your own taste consisting of egg white 100% natural and also has whey proteins. Enjoy it in healthy desserts, breakfasts, snacks and snacks, or what you want to try.

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ClarWhey by Pr-Ou is a delicious way to consume protein, of high quality. Do you want to increase your muscles? This is the most effective and delicious way to achieve it!

Clarwhey by Pr.Ou is a concentrated protein supplement, which also has an incredibly delicious flavor. It has been made with 100% high quality clear, and also with whey protein, to offer you this high quality food.

Delight in its mild flavor, which is also a 99% protein source. Lacks carbohydrates or refined sugars. Its consumption guarantees in your body 10 essential amino acids, BCAA's and glutamine. Its excellent concentration is of high biological value, so your digestive system will immediately assimilate all its benefits. It is very useful to lose weight, and also to gain muscle mass.

Clarwhey by Pr-Ou can be part of your diet, if you want to lose weight. High quality protein is an important part of good nutrition. When your body is digesting, there is a greater caloric expenditure and this affects the decrease of overweight. It also has a satiating effect. That is, it fills you more to wait for the most important meals of the day. And they are also a source of energy that your body can use. Therefore, you can give yourself the pleasure of including this tub in your food, to enjoy its wonderful flavor as a dessert, or as part of some of your meals. You will be assured of your protein supply in a very healthy way.

And if you want to gain muscle mass, you can not leave Clarwhey aside from Pr-Ou. Its high biological value makes it one of the most perfect foods for bodybuilders. By including it in your meals your digestive system will have a greater capacity to carry out a synthesis of proteins. As a result, your body will have more building blocks, which will make your muscles duplicate. It also prevents you from falling victim to a process of catabolism or reduction of lean tissues. In the same way it will help you to recover soon and in this way to be ready for the next training, having energies to increase the intensity of each exercise.

ClarWhey by Pr-Ou properties

  • Contains 100% egg white
  • It has whey protein
  • High biological value
  • It favors a greater synthesis of proteins
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Improves recovery time

Clarwhey by Pr-Ou has to be your favorite source of protein. Use it for breakfast, snacks, snacks, desserts or snacks. Its soft and sweet taste makes it a delight that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people. Its taste is due to sweeteners, so it does not gain or increase body volume.

Recommended use: include in different meals, according to the consumer's taste.

Opiniones de ClaraWhey - 120g

sebastian palomares 2019-02-28 19:37:35
Hariais envios a Mallorca de este tipo de productos u otros ke necesiten frio ?
Carlos Neptuno 2019-03-01 09:46:08
Hola Sebastian, le dejo la información sobre los envíos. Un saludo
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Maite 2018-11-12 23:03:48
Hola, desearía saber los ingredientes y las cantidades de nutrientes por tarrina. Muchas gracias, saludos.
Beltran 2018-11-13 10:13:01
Hola estos son los ingredientes: Clara de huevo, aislado de proteína de suero de la leche (whey isolate), aroma de yogur o fresa o cacao en polvo y lecitina de soja. Conservantes: Sorbato potásico y benzoato sódico. Edulcorante: Sucralosa. Valor energético 213KJ/50kcal Grasas 0,3g (de las cuales saturadas 0g) Hidratos de carbono 0,5g (de los cuales azúcares 0g) Proteínas 11,3g Sales (sodio) 0,3g (no añadidas 0,12g
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