Roller Smith Machine Cage

The best way (and the only one healthy for metabolism) to build muscle is through physical training, the Roller Smith Machine cage provides the ability to perform different exercises while improving the fitness of different areas of the body safely.

Jaula roller smith machine

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Do not be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the cage Roller Smith Machine, as this machine has been carefully designed to support different exercises as safely as possible and with a movement guided correctly so that injuries are reduced to it. It has served as a benchmark for many manufacturers, because it provides better training despite being a cage comparatively easier than others.

Designed with steel of the highest quality and weight resistance, this cage is crashworthy by failures in the structure, every millimeter has been reviewed thoroughly to ensure that users will be provided with the best training experience and safety during the same.

One of the major features of this cage is that any person, regardless of who does not have previous physical training, can use it in different ways and gradually increase the intensity of his workout as he reaches a better muscular condition.

It is an essential machine in any gym, for its simplicity and versatility, providing ability to cover simple or complex training to the needs of those planning to use it.

It is equipped with 14 different locking positions, a safety locking system only turning  the bar 15°, is compatible with classic plates, so you do not have to make huge investments to find compatible plates, as with other machines.

This cage offers protection in all area points where there may be friction, so as to avoid the wear due to continuous use, so you do not have to worry about changing machinery in a very long time.

Given its size, it is possible to adapt it to any training room, so no matter if you want for your personal use, surely it fits in any room.

With this cage you'll do weights, rowing, lifting squats among others, so it is able to provide a complete workout facilitating the desired shape and muscle tone you want in a training machine.

One of the main problems with these machines is their aesthetic over time, but with the Roller Smith Machine that's not something you should worry because it has scratch-and-bump proof paint.

Definitely the best alternative for gyms and anyone who wants to have a multifunctional exercise machine that provides an enhanced training experience for completing workouts.

The cost of transport is not included because it is calculated according to the shipping address.

2015-09-06 15:56:02
cuales son las medidas, largo, ancho, alto? cuanto mide la barra?, se puede utilizar discos que no sean olimpicos?
2015-10-05 14:10:32
Buenas Carlos, hemos solicitado la información al fabricante, y en cuanto nos lo facilite se lo comunicamos. Disculpe las molestias ocasionadas
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