Jaula Workbench Power Rack

Jaula Workbench Power Rack from Powertec is a solid bodybuilding machine with 4 pillars that support peak loads. Fully customizable and adjustable, allowing several bars and positions. Optimal space to train comfortably, facilitating movement and improving concentration.

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Robustness in Machines for Weightlifting

Jaula Workbench Power Rack from Powertec is a solid bodybuilding machine with 4 pillars that support peak loads.

Maximum support and safety on an adjustable and adaptable machine for weightlifting which has also the ideal measure for a powerful physique, facilitating movement and proper repetition of weight lifting exercises.

It allows multiple positions to adjust the height of the bars and is adaptable to add bars and weights to optimize weight training and muscle development. This makes it possible to add functionality to a weight cage that can be used by one or more users, whether in a home gym in a club or in a sports center.

A cage for powerful weightlifting, with all the security guarantees for the athlete who trains with heavy loads.

A powerful steel structure allows to support the maximum weights of professional training and provides greater security for the athlete who lifts weights. Bars and cages for weights, the weight, firmness and stability are essential elements for safety conditions at the gym.

When an athlete trains in weightlifting he requires maximum concentration, which is why this machine provides a full range of adjustment positions to ease the burden in the right position so that the user does not need more effort than required for the exercise . This is an optimum condition of cages of high quality weight which are designed for complete user satisfaction.

Jaula Workbench Power Rack Powertec offers all the conditions for training at different levels, allowing up to the maximum load level and safe support for weights. Its dimensions are optimal and appropriate to the size of an athletic body that requires enough room for strength training.

The four base pillars have adequate strength, and the sidebars are kept firm due to a strong and secure adaptable mechanical fastening. Bars ensure complete immobility and are a stable support for heavy weights. It is possible to add multiple bars in the cage to vary the functionality of the basic machine for professional weight training.

Jaula Workbench Power Rack Powertec is a quality option for weightlifting machines and is ideal for small spaces, home gyms, private gyms or sports centers where a powerful machine for high quality fitness is required.

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