PowerFULL - 90 capsules

PowerFULL of USPLabs is the first supplement whose ingredients were scientifically studied to naturally increase the production of the Hormone of Growth from the first dose.

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    What do you take it for? Gain muscle mass and stimulate GH and Insulin
    How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
    Size per dose From one to six services
    How many times? Twice a day
    When should it be taken? Before training and going to bed
    Usos Evitar Catabolismo

    PowerFULL of USPLabs is the first supplement whose ingredients were scientifically studied to naturally increase the production of the Hormone of Growth from the first dose. PowerFULL represents the most effective and easy way to reinforce the Hormone of Growth, now available in capsules.


    • It is scientifically demonstrated that it can increase the natural production of the Hormone of Growth in at least 221% in a dose! It is the supplement that supplants the myth that the supplements to increase the production of the Hormone of Growth do not work.
    • It increases the force and the energy inside and outside the gym. It gets benefits from each hour of rest and improves the quality of it.
    • It increases the libido by the diminution of the prolactose levels in men (feminine hormone).
    • Much greater connection: mind/muscle, through the increase of dopamine. The dopamine in the neurons of the brain activates and is essential for movement and sensitive-motor integration.


    PowerFULL is based on the principle of multiple effects. PowerFULL is seven supplements in a single dose:

    • It remarkably increases the levels of GH in a natural way.
    • It increases the testosterone by two separated mechanisms.
    • It increases the erection and sexual desire.
    • It increases the resistance when exercise by cushioning lactic acid.
    • It increases the muscular coordination.
    • It increases to REM resting or the anabolic rest of recovery REM.
    • It increases the dopamine and it diminishes the prolactose (feminine hormone of lactation)


    In addition, the lactic acid gives the sensation that the muscle is burning during the muscular contraction. The lactic acid is the reason for why you pause after a pair of exercises and rest before following with the next one. When cushioning the lactic acid, the muscular resistance increases, and thus the duration of each group of exercises is increased. In fact, the users indicate an increase of 3 to 4 repetitions by group. When cushioning the lactic acid, an incredible intensity and concentration is released!

    Similar formulas do not exist. PowerFULL does not have competition. The extracts are exclusive and were discovered by USP laboratories. If somebody says that has a similar product, he or she is lying. It is 100% healthful and safe. Not only it will help you to eliminate fats, but also to maintain the muscle while dieting.

    PowerFULL is a product that increases human hormone of growth (HGH) to incredible levels. And you can notice their results.

    Directions: As a dietary supplement, in days of training consume 1-3 capsules 30 minutes before training. For better results take servings of 2-3 capsules and consume an additional serving of 1 to 3 capsules before lying down on an empty stomach. The days with no training take a serving of 1-3 capsules at night on an empty stomach. Take ir in cycles of 6 days in a row and one of rest.

    Supplement Facts
    Size by dose: 1 capsuleper dose
    Patented mix
    Chlorophytum borivilianum (root), Macuna pruriens (grain)
    750 mgs

    Other ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose.

    Reviews PowerFULL - 90 capsules

    • 03/11/2013

    Sicuramente un prodotto da provare. Il sonno migliora e i sogni sono molto più vividi e intensi. Le interruzioni del sonno durante la notte diminuiscono molto e al risveglio si è molto più riposati. Per effetti di ricomposizione bisognerebbe utilizzare il prodotto per un periodo più lungo.

      2015-08-05 20:02:51
      Tiene cointraidicaciones para quienes tienen resistencia a la insulina o diabetis tipo 2
      2015-08-10 18:49:37
      Para este tipo de afecciones, no está indicado el uso de este producto.Un saludo
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